Introducing our new Rice & Beans Guide

Our team here at Lahash is proud to unveil our new Rice & Beans guide for 2016! This handy booklet is a tool to introduce new friends to Rice & Beans Month or to provide an update on how the past years’ donations have been impacting vulnerable kids in East Africa!

The image below is a sample of one of the sections. Each section has a short impact story, scripture on the topic, a reflection and a prayer, and a recipe you can try.

Rice & Beans Month guide interior

For those who don’t know what Rice & Beans Month is – let me share with you a bit about the event.

Each year during March (or during Lent) a global community participates in an event that is a unique intersection of faith and food. The event has three primary components:

  1. Solidarity – we stand in unity with our brothers and sisters in East Africa who have limited resources and inadequate nutrition.
  2. Simplicity – we alter our diets to emphasize basic and inexpensive meals.
  3. Sharing – we donate money we save during the month so that vulnerable kids and their families can receive much-needed nutritional support.

Our simple introduction video can be viewed below:


Rice & Beans from Lahash International on Vimeo.

If you’d like to participate in Rice & Beans Month head over to and sign up today!

Also – if you’d like a packet of our new Rice & Beans Month guides – please email and we’ll ship you a set for your small group or church.


Dan Holcomb