Meet Our Newest Partner: Nipe Tumaini

Lahash has a new partner ministry in Kenya! Nipe Tumaini means “give me hope” in Swahili and that is exactly what this family-style children’s home is doing for nine extremely vulnerable children. These kids are currently in need of sponsors. You can meet them on our sponsorship page.

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On our trip to East Africa last Fall, the Lahash team spent a few days visiting Nipe Tumaini. As we toured the home and the acres of farmland surrounding it, I could tell that the house parents, Benson and his wife Eunice, had spent years lovingly preparing a place for these children who were once forgotten, neglected, and abused. For each child, this new home is a source of hope and healing—physically and spiritually. They are hearing about the love of God and at the same time seeing it displayed all around them. “We are called by God to be good stewards, and also to portray the love that God himself showed us by providing his son Jesus Christ,” Benson told us. “Our aim is to give hope. We all need to give hope to those less fortunate.”


At Nipe Tumaini, the children live in a family-style setting where meals, work, and space are all shared communally. In addition to their studies, the children each have home responsibilities. They assist with cleaning and cooking, wash clothes and shoes, and help out on the farm. Many of the children have come from backgrounds of abandonment and abuse, so a stable and loving home environment is a critical part of restoring their hopes and re-imagining their futures.

As I sat with Benson under a tree in front of the children’s home, he told me, “We would like to be more self-sustaining, and to show the children our love. We want to show them that there is somebody in life who can take care of them, and they are not alone in this world.”


Benson’s vision was not only to create a safe home where children would receive love and holistic care. He wanted Nipe Tumaini to be a sustainable children’s home. “We believe sustainability is the way to go, for any project or organization to succeed,” he explained. This value is clearly visible as soon as you step onto the property. Located in an extremely dry region of Kenya’s Rift Valley, Nipe Tumaini looks like an oasis in the desert. Rows of crops and clumps of fruit trees stretch out for acres in front of the home, providing food for the children and staff as well as eventual income for the ministry. A new water tank and drip irrigation system have also been installed thanks to a grant from Lahash’s annual Rice & Beans Month event.

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As our team prepared to leave, Benson invited us to take part in a unique tradition. Everyone who visits the home plants a tree on the property. It is a beautiful symbol of the growth and fruit they hope for in each child’s life, as well as another small step toward greater sustainability. As each member of our team placed a tree into the ground, we felt ourselves making an investment in the future of Nipe Tumaini and the lives of the children there.

We’re excited to invite you to invest in the lives of these children as well! As a sponsor, you can make a lasting impact in the life of a child at Nipe Tumaini. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these new kids, you can meet them on our child sponsorship page.

Thanks for joining us and Nipe Tumaini in giving hope!


Written by Casey Schilperoort / Photos by Will Campbell