Lahash Portland is moving!

We are really excited to announce today the news that we’ve found a new home for our Portland, Oregon offices! We’ll be moving closer in to the heart of the city with offices at the Hinson Baptist Annex.

Over the past year we’ve asked our global community to help pray and network in our search for a new home. We had big dreams – and God is providing a space for us that matches nearly every item on our dream list! The space is really perfect for our needs:

  • It’s on the east side of Portland in perfect proximity for our current staff and volunteers. On top of that it is really close to downtown which makes it manageable for team members from across the city to access our building.
  • The space is about 1500 square feet – but we’ll have access to many more rooms for presentations, meals, and gatherings. This is even better than we were hoping for.
  • Hinson has provided us with a really reasonable rate for our lease.
  • We’ll be able to access a kitchen and meeting room for our Monday Night potluck meals.
  • There is great parking provided by the church and in the neighborhood.
  • And our agreement signed today is for at least 3 years!

This is an incredible step forward for our organization. We are sure that this new space will enable us to more effectively serve the kids in East Africa, our church and ministry partners, and all of our sponsors and friends around the world.

Please rejoice with us and join us in thanking God for the answers to our prayers!

Next Steps

Currently the space is being used for temporary pastoral accommodations and this May we’ll be engaging in a global fundraising campaign to renovate the space and create the rooms we need for our different staff and teams.

We’ll need to raise $42,000 by June 1st in order to pay for our renovations, office equipment, and first six months of rent costs.

Please email us at if you’d like to play a part in these renovation and fundraising efforts! Also, if you’d like to get us started in the right direction – you can donate today (anything from $5 to $5,000 are all helpful!) by visiting our donation page and adding the memo “Office Renovation”.

The room which will eventually house our new Portland offices