Rice + Beans = Sponsorship

For the Lahash community, the transition from March to April has shifted our focus from Rice & Beans to child sponsorship. As Rice & Beans Month participant Nina Horn explains, it’s a pretty logical transition…

“While participating in Rice & Beans month a couple of years ago, our family was inspired to carry the principles of Simplicity, Solidarity, and Sharing throughout the year by continuing to eat rice and beans once a week. We thought, “If we can do this for a whole month, we can spread it out throughout the year! It needn’t stop on April 1st. What if it became more of a lifestyle?”  At the time, I had just finished reading a book in which the author’s family ate rice and beans once a week to remember those who eat it every day and live with much less. While I liked that practice of solidarity and awareness, I wanted more. I wanted that awareness to make a difference in someone’s life.

We decided to begin sponsoring a child through Lahash. Our idea was that by eating rice and beans once a week, we would be able to share our ongoing grocery savings through sponsorship. We were connected with a child named Majaba, and two years later, he has photos on our fridge and a place in our family. Our children chat about him like they would a friend, and he often comes up in dinner conversation – especially while eating rice and beans. Our relationship with him has made Rice & Beans Month even more impactful for our family, and we feel a deeper connection to the children in East Africa through our buddy, Majaba. He has certainly made a difference in our lives, and I hope we’ve made a difference in his.”

The Horns are not the only family that has chosen to sponsor a child because of Rice & Beans Month. It’s an experience that opens people’s eyes and hearts to the needs of the vulnerable, and inspires deeper connections. There are many children like Majaba who would be thrilled to receive the love, care, and opportunities made possible through sponsorship. Go to lahash.org/sponsorship to meet them and begin your sponsorship journey today!