New Video! The vision of NextLahash

We are really excited today to release our newest video – and its all about the vision of NextLahash! Check it out:

What is NextLahash? from Lahash International on Vimeo.

The plans for the new space are coming together well. Our Lahash Portland team has outgrown our old space and now we need a new larger facility with the tools and space that will enable us to accomplish the vision and work God has called us to do.

Below is the latest floor plan of the new space.

Now our task ahead is to raise $42,000 to cover the costs of renovating and moving into our new office.

We need our whole community to step forward during the month of May to contribute toward this project. We need small gifts and large gifts. We need friends to hold fundraisers. We need friends to share this vision with neighbors and on social media (you can use #NextLahash). And we need friends who will pray as we embark on this campaign.

Will you take a step and contribute today

NextLahash - Portland Team

Nextlahash Africa Team