Meet Our New Staff Member in East Africa


Lahash has a new staff member in East Africa!

Samson Musumbi has a big heart for the most vulnerable in society and is passionate about working with children.

Both of his parents have been ministers since the early 70s in the Africa Inland Church.

He comes to Lahash after working as a teacher in Dadaab refugee camp in northeastern Kenya. His work was cut short after their camp was attacked by terrorists. He managed to escape but lost his colleague who was shot dead.

“His experience and dedication will be of help to the Lahash community in East Africa as he will be able to monitor the children and make follow-ups with the Lahash partners,” said Edwin Angote, East Africa director.

“I have wanted to have someone to work with for a very long time, someone with whom I can share ideas with and be accountable to each other and pray together.”

Samson will be the Lahash Child Welfare Manager. His official responsibilities will be focused on attending to the needs to the children served by the Lahash partnerships as well as serving the Lahash Partners and keeping them accountable through monitoring and evaluation.

Samson and Edwin's son Jamal at the new Lahash East Africa office

Samson and Edwin’s son Jamal at the new Lahash East Africa office

Samson will work with Edwin at the new Lahash East Africa office. Up until now, Edwin has always worked at home, but having an office will help reduce distractions. Edwin is looking forward to also having a colleague in the office with whom to share ideas and also network with other non-governmental organizations working in similar ways as Lahash.

Samson, who is 29 and single, will do most of the traveling to visit Lahash’s partners across East Africa every other quarter. Since Edwin has a family, it has been difficult for him to travel. Samson enjoys meeting new friends and is a good listener.

When he’s not traveling, he will be checking on the partners every week through phone calls and emails. He will monitor all the students in both the lower and higher education programs, assist with the upcoming East African conference and retreat, and assist with finding new partners.

Lahash International Executive Director Dan Holcomb shared his excitement about the new developments, “I’m  looking forward to seeing this East Africa team develop and be able to serve our partners in a more strategic and personal way. I’m so glad Edwin and his wife Christine have a team member able to share not only in the work and vision of Lahash but also in spiritual and communal life. For many years we’ve had a strong community life element to our Portland-based team. This will be the first time that we replicate some of the values and rhythms of our Portland expression in the East African context.”

Samson Musumbi can be reached at

Lahash East Africa team

The Lahash East Africa team – Edwin and Christine Angote (with their daughter Keilah) standing with Samson Musumbi.