Conference Day One by Leisha Otieno

This week my home town of Mwanza, Tanzania, has been invaded by Lahash International staff and partners!  It is really fun to see so many familiar faces arriving on buses and airplanes from the United States, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and four different cities in Tanzania.  God has protected us through the many thousands of miles everyone has traveled.



This evening (Wednesday) we open the conference with a nice dinner, a welcome from our Executive Director and video greetings from Clark Blakeman, our Partnership Director, who was unable to travel this year.


We appreciate your prayers as the conference begins.  Pastor Steven Zink will be taking us through sessions about how we are Whole in Christ and how that affects our organizations.  Dan Holcomb will be sharing about how the Sponsorship Program and Rice & Beans Month are growing every year thanks to many friends around the world making sacrificial decisions to serve the vulnerable kids our partners represent.  Various other speakers from he Lahash East Africa offices and from our partnerships will present about policies and techniques for improving the services that the different organizations provide.

Most importantly, this will be a time for us to reconnect with friends, old and new, who are like-minded and like-hearted.  We will pray together, sing together, play together, teach and learn together.  Please pray for us during the next seven days for unity and productivity and God’s blessing on our time.


Leisha Otieno presenting the housekeeping items for the week.



Mandee Campos super excited to be up early for her first East Africa Conference breakfast!



We enjoy a meal together as a whole group. Eunice, Benson, and Stephen from Nipe Tumaini ministries in Kenya dig right in.