Students participate in summer Bible camps

This summer, all four Lahash partners are holding Bible camps, and many kids attended camp for the first time. The camps were funded through Christmas giving and a large donation from Trinity Church in Portland.


Path of Hope Bible Camp

Path of Hope in the rural region of Shinyanga, Tanzania, offered Bible Camp for the first time with 71 children ages 9-20 from three of its locations in Busoka, Nguzonanne and Mwamalili–most of them were children sponsored through Lahash. Part of the purpose of the camp was to bring the children together from different locations so they could build relationships.

A local secondary school allowed them to use dormitories for sleeping overnight, as well as the playground, bathrooms, dining space, kitchen, and utilities.

“On behalf of the children and the staff, I would like to boldly state that we were richly blessed by this rare worthwhile event,” reported Enricah Wright, assistant director at Path of Hope.


Path of Hope Bible camp

Steven Msula, one of the Mennonite pastors from the neighboring Mwanza Diocese, was the main speaker. “Pastor Musula (a former POH spiritual leader) is a very eloquent and humorous speaker, patient with children and creative in applied child teaching techniques,” said Wright.

Leaders taught the kids through visual aids, music, group interaction and drama. The children also played soccer, netball and jump rope, and also participated in arts programming, such as choir, poetry, drama and photography.

The camp included three meals a day as well as rest time. At the end of the camp every child got a certificate of completion and a mirror, which is engraved“God loves me; I am wonderfully and fearfully made.” During the Bible camp 48 children decided to put their trust in Jesus for salvation and a new spiritual life!

The majority of the staff did not have camping experiences, but Sarah Dupper, a volunteer from Germany, provided help with general camp organization and planning, as well as other assistance.


Steven Zink prays a final prayer over the youth before the Lahash team left Grace Healing Ministries in Dodoma.

Grace Healing Ministries in Dodoma, Tanzania held their fifth Bible camp–fourth sponsored by Lahash–with about 40 children, over half of which were new. During the four-day camp, eight kids started a relationship with God. Lahash’s team from the U.S. documented the events in photo and video.

Jonathan from Uganda led some discipleship components, while Steven Zink shared on the armor of God and fruits of the Spirit, Esther Muhagachi led some sessions as well. An evening prayer time and devotional was often led by the Stand With Students scholars.

Michael Gere, who has been to Bible camp previously, said that he received Jesus as his Savior during a prior summer camp. “For those kids who are here for the first time, many of them don’t know the Bible and don’t know Jesus Christ. So today they have got the opportunity to learn, they’ve known God and been saved, and it has made them to have peace and joy,” he said.

The kids at GHMD enjoyed three large meals and two tea breaks each day! This was a big highlight for the kids, many of whom receive only one meal per day at home.

IMG_0892 - Version 2

Soccer matches with the older boys were a hit during Grace Healing Ministries Bible camp.