The Rains Can’t Wash Hope Away: Jasmin’s Story

In early 2016, heavy rains damaged many homes in the poor neighborhoods of Dodoma, Tanzania. Between January and April, four Lahash sponsored children lost their houses. The families were already quite vulnerable, with no resources to replace or rebuild. Esther Muhagachi, the Program Director at Grace & Healing Ministry, shares with us the story of how one girl’s needs were met when it seemed that all was lost:

Jasmin came to my office very early one morning, crying and shivering due to cold. She explained what happened and I was shocked! She and her grandmother had survived a terrible situation.

After midnight the previous night, she was sleeping in the home she shared with her grandmother. It rained heavily, and she heard a big sound outside. The wall fell, and water entered inside as she was asleep. Her grandmother shouted, “Jasmin, wake up we are dying!” Jasmin got up not knowing what was happening, only to find water surrounding her bed.

They got up and went to knock at their neighbor‘s house, but the neighbor could not hear them due to the heavy rains. They found shelter at the store close to their neighbor’s house until morning, then Jasmin decided to come to my office.

The first thing we did was to clothe her since all her clothes were soaked with water. We gave her a cup of tea, then we went to see what happened. We found her neighbor and other people gathered to help, so together we found a room for rent and moved them. This was a temporary solution, and we began to discuss what we could do from there.

Jasmin and her grandmother sit in front of their rain-damaged home

After the distribution of gifts purchased through the Lahash Christmas Giving Program, we had surplus money left due to a favorable exchange rate. In our discussion of how to spend this money, we agreed with our Lahash East Africa Director that we could try to put a smile on Jasmin’s face. We chose to start by rebuilding at least one room at her home. If God wishes, we shall continue to help room by room until we bring back her smile completely.

A room rebuilt, a smile restored

In a time of sorrow, what a blessing it was for Jasmin to have someone to share her struggles and embrace her. What a joy to know that there are people out there who love and care for orphans and vulnerable kids in Africa like her.

We are so thankful to all people who are standing with us in supporting the vulnerable children in Africa. It’s not easy. We are always shedding tears with these kids, but when someone stretches their hand to support us, it turns our tears into joyful tears. Thank you so much,

Esther Muhagachi, Program Director at Grace & Healing Ministry in Dodoma, Tanzania

Esther and Jasmin celebrate the rebuilding project

Vulnerable children and families are poorly equipped to handle sudden life-altering circumstances. Rain damage, fires, theft, or a death in the family can destabilize families permanently unless they receive help. If you would like to lend your support, please visit Thank you.