Join The Team In: Faith

Lahash is growing, and we are eager to connect with people who might be ready to JoinTheTeam, as staff members or as volunteers! This is the second of a three-part blog series that will help you get a sense of what it’s like to work at Lahash. Check out for our current openings!


At Lahash, our vision is that all children in Africa know Jesus and thrive as they are loved by a flourishing global church. Therefore, as staff members and volunteers, we must know Jesus! We must give and receive love! We must be intentional to follow in the ways of Jesus, knowing that our faith will not thrive and flourish without being nurtured.

The work we do on behalf of vulnerable children in East Africa is significant. It is big. There is a sense of excitement and joy at the opportunity to partner with God in transforming lives. Yet the work of Lahash is no substitute for engaging in Christ-centered spiritual practice and personal communion with God. We know that it isn’t enough to just say that. So we build it in to the rhythms of our days.


This may be as simple as opening a meeting in prayer, or sharing a weekly devotional time as a staff. At other times, it is more sacrificial. Several times a year, we give up a day of work to spend time in prayer and reflection at the Grotto in Portland. Every March, we experience the physical and spiritual impact of Rice & Beans Month together. We attend a yearly retreat designed to foster spiritual refreshment and rejuvenation. In all of these things, we make space for honesty and authenticity with God and with each other.


In this realm of faith, our East African brothers and sisters are a continual source of encouragement to us. The passion, gratitude, faithfulness, and trust they exhibit have shaped Lahash and helped us all to grow as Jesus-followers. We offer them our prayers and whatever practical discipleship resources we can, and the ongoing exchange of spiritual treasures enriches the journey of faith for all of us.


“Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” (Matthew 6:10) We are committed to being part of this prayer’s fulfillment. We are more committed to intimately knowing the One who first prayed it. Joining the Lahash team is more than just doing faith-based work – it is an opportunity to deepen your own faith in Christ.