Mothers Of Love: Meet Modesta

Our amazing global community loves to care for kids in East Africa through advocacy, sponsorship, and meaningful relationships. Have you ever wondered who cares for the children hands-on, day after day? Would it surprise you to know that many of the caregivers are vulnerable people as well?

Modesta is a volunteer caregiver with Grace & Healing Ministry in Tanzania. She spends her days visiting the homes of HIV+ children, and lives with the disease herself. Her life is a beautiful picture of the vulnerable caring for the vulnerable, and we share her story with you today in honor of World AIDS Day. Play the video above to meet Modesta and see the impact she is having by living positively with HIV.

You can help support a child who is affected by HIV/AIDS by becoming a sponsor. Just click the button below to join Lahash, Modesta, and the rest of our partners and caregivers throughout East Africa in giving hope and love to these amazing kids!