Bible Camp Blessings: Flora’s Story

“I have wanted to know Him for so long, but I didn’t know the path to take to know God.” – Flora, age 14


In her short lifetime, Flora has lost both her parents and survived the life-threatening health issues of HIV. She has endured stigma from the community and from her large extended family. She lives in her aunt’s home, a household of 14 people, and is often treated poorly. She is used to being overlooked and even disdained.

When Flora was accepted into the Lahash Sponsorship Program earlier this year, she attended Bible Camp through Grace & Healing Ministry in Tanzania. The theme was  “I Am the Beloved Child of God,” and this message found a soft spot to land in Flora’s tender heart. She began a new life in Christ! Weeks later, she told the Program Director, Esther Muhagachi, that she feels “the relief of a person who once had a heavy burden.” She has happiness and peace for the first time, after years of feeling alone and forgotten. She is meeting with friends to study the Bible, and praying for her family to follow Jesus, too. She is finding joy in being part of the church family. Home life is still hard, her relationship with her aunt is still rocky, yet she has hope.

The 40 kids who attended this Bible Camp received solid teaching, ate well, played hard, and connected with God. They were immersed in activities that nourished them in body, soul, and spirit. Flora and 7 others committed their lives to Christ for the first time! These types of opportunities are few and far between for children like Flora, and they will never forget it. To see what their camp experience was like, watch this video (and see if you can spot Flora)!

Trinity Church in Portland, Oregon, and many other donors funded Bible Camp through the Lahash Christmas Giving program last year, and Lahash received many notes and expressions of thanks from the children who attended. In November, when Flora was asked what she was most thankful for in 2016, she had this to say:

“Attending Bible camp this year where I received Jesus Christ in my life. God helped me and gave me peace which I cannot explain. Before I was unhappy, but now I am happy and released… I am happy and able to read my Bible and pray every day.”

We would love to send many more children to Bible Camp in 2017, and your gifts will make it possible! A church or Bible Study group may want to fund an entire camp for 40 children, or families and individuals can contribute smaller shares. Click the image below to donate towards Bible Camp this Christmas. You can also find this gift option and many others in our online giving catalog at Thank you.

“For those who have sponsored this camp, I say thank you, thank you very much. May God bless you.”