Give Uniforms & Shoes to Growing Kids!

The kids served by Lahash are GROWING, which means school uniforms and shoes need to be replaced! This is an ongoing need at all of our partnerships, because children are not allowed to attend school without the required uniform and shoes. Once they have grown out of them or worn through them, they are at risk of missing school days until they have a replacement. This Christmas you can give the gift of a new school uniform and shoes!


This past summer, a Lahash travel team was able to help distribute uniforms and shoes to children in a village called Busoka. Busoka is remote and rural – our partners at Path of Hope have been working particularly hard to reach out to children there because they are so isolated and not very many of them are able to attend school. We were eager to help get some of them started on a path to education. Most of the children received their first ever uniform and shoes that day, and were so excited! Watch the video below to see more highlights from that special day!


When you choose to give the gift of a uniform and shoes, you are keeping a child in school. You are protecting their feet from rocks, thorns, dangerous debris, and parasites. You are offering them the pride and dignity that comes with having something brand new of their very own. You are celebrating their growth.

You can give this gift by clicking the graphic below or going to and choosing it from our online Christmas Giving Guide. Thank you so much for helping these growing kids!



Jen Johnson