Day of Prayer for South Sudan – An Invitation

The nation of South Sudan is currently in crisis. The land and people have experienced nearly continuous warfare for nearly seven decades. In 2011 the region broke away from their northern neighbor (the Republic of Sudan) to become a new nation.

There was a great deal of enthusiasm and hope for the people and the young country – but over the past years corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and poor governance resulted in civil unrest between the government and a dissenting political faction. Since that time, 300,000 people have been killed, women raped, and many of the people are displaced in the country or have fled to other nations as refugees.

To compound the situation even more – the nation is now facing a famine in several areas which could affect a million or more people over the upcoming months.

Needless to say – the nation and people need prayer and support right now.

On April 23rd, we are calling on friends around the world to #PrayForSouthSudan. This is a global event and we encourage you to pray in your home, with family, or invite your church to participate as well.

Here are some specific prayer points:

  1. Peace. Pray that God will move across the nation and that the various groups would lay down their arms, cease violence, and that all sides would pursue dialogue instead of choosing to escalate the conflict.
  2. Reconciliation. Pray that God would prompt the various political and tribal divisions to seek to reconcile after a very painful period of division and violence. Pray that the local church would rise up to speak of the power of the grace and forgiveness of Christ and how a path can be carved out to address injustice and forgiveness in a meaningful manner.
  3. Healing. There are millions of people who have experienced trauma, violence, and injustice. Many have seen family members or friends killed. Many have been involved in the violence themselves. Pray that God would work miracles in the lives of so many hurting people. Pray for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing to take place.
  4. Provision. There are millions who are homeless, hungry, thirsty, and who have lost possessions and crops. Many are at risk from the famine. Pray that God would provide in incredible ways for these vulnerable people. Pray that God would prompt neighbors to share with each other. Pray that God would prompt the global church to minister to their brothers and sisters during this tough time.
  5. Spiritual Renewal. During the previous significant conflict with the government of Sudan in the north, God used the evil, violence, and suffering to turn hearts toward himself and the church grew in numbers during that period. Pray that God would again use what people are intending for evil – and then turn that around for good and for the spread of the Gospel. Pray that the church will realize deficiencies and immaturity in the local congregations and begin to address these deep evils with the help of God. Pray that in this dire moment – millions will repent of sins, turn to God, and turn to the life, light, and love of Christ! Pray that hope will again grow in the hearts of so many tired and hopeless people across the region.


Let us pray with anticipation and confidence in the power of God.

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