Great News from Bible Camp!

Thanks to the generous donations that came in at Christmas time, BIBLE CAMPS are underway for the kids in East Africa! Grace & Healing Ministry (in Dodoma, Tanzania) just sent us some photos and details about their Bible Camp, and it sounds pretty awesome…

“The staff and all sponsored kids are so grateful for the wonderful Bible Camp which was held from the 10th to 13th of April,” says Program Director Esther Muhagachi. “It was such a wonderful moment to have 50 people at the camp for three days, learning, praying, and playing together. The theme of the camp was Assurance of Victory from I Corinthians 10:13. We had a visiting pastor from Uganda, Reverend Amos, who took us through Bible study all three days about Assurance of Victory. It was so wonderful!”

Bible study time!


Esther leads one of the sessions at the Mtumba Center where the camp was held

During one session, Reverend Amos led the kids through an exercise where they wrote down different stresses, sins, and problems that are disturbing them in their lives. Then they prayed together, and as a sign of giving those issues to God, they put them together and burned them. Esther says, “We trust God that we are now beginning a new chapter with the assurance of victory. It was so wonderful to witness the symbol of burning all the problems!”

Submitting difficult life issues to God through the symbol of fire

Topics for other sessions included: The Heart of Worship, The Youth and Church, The Youth and Entrepreneurship, The Youth and Globalization, and Health Issues. The kids were asked to work in groups and respond with short presentations on their group discussions. Of course, there were also lots of other activities, games, and delicious meals. Three action-packed days for kids to get out of their normal routines and be nourished physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally.

Group project during one of the teaching sessions


Game time!


Can’t forget the importance of relaxing with friends

The Servant Team members Mandee Campos and Yevette Garcia were able to attend Bible Camp with the kids and help facilitate various portions. “We had the opportunity to lead a prayer session, which included a prayer walk,” Mandee explained. “As I awkwardly walked around in the dark trying to snap a few shots, I was touched by the prayers that the kids had for our prayer topics. Prayer topics included Grace & Healing Ministry staff, Lahash staff, all the kids in the Grace & Healing Ministry programs, and for their country (Tanzania), as well as the situations in Syria and South Sudan. One of my biggest highlights was seeing this girl (photo below) take her time at each prayer stop. Here, as the group has long moved on, she stays to lay her hands on each Lahash staff member’s photo with a special heartfelt prayer just for them. I hope that my Lahash family can feel the love all the way from back home!”

Prayers offered up for Lahash staff members


Another station on the prayer walk


So amazing to see the kids pouring out their prayers to God!

Esther was also thrilled to share with us that 19 kids received Jesus as their Savior, and were surrounded and prayed for by the rest of those in attendance. “What a blessing to see young boys and girls surrender their lives to Jesus!” she says. “Let us pray that God will continue to protect them as they are beginning new life with Christ.”

Prayers for those who committed their lives to Jesus!

The Servant Team and the staff of Grace & Healing Ministry extend their sincere thanks to all who donated to make this camp experience possible for these special kids. Keep them in your prayers, as well as the kids at our other partner locations who will be participating in camps over the next several months!