10 Moments – Photos of Life for South Sudanese in Uganda

I had the privilege of traveling with the Lahash team (Dan Holcomb, Edwin Angote, and Yevette Garcia) to Uganda to visit the Morobi refugee camp in Northern Uganda, where many South Sudanese seek refuge from the conflict in South Sudan. We also visited the Amazing Grace Children’s Home, a ministry that cares for young vulnerable children, including some infants recently displaced from South Sudan. We can go on and on with blog posts about what we saw, felt, and experienced—capturing well over 800 photos. However, I was asked to narrow the visit down to 10 moments.

#1 – A woman and children sit in the shade of their makeshift home. We found that UN tarps are utilized in many creative ways in the camp, often incorporated as a part of the home. There are over 800,000 refugees living in northern Uganda.


#2 – The inside of one of the homes in the refugee camp. It housed 12 boys. The new mosquito nets are part of a recent donation from the Lahash #StandWithSouthSudan campaign.


#3 – Two young boys sit in the camp. They are caught in the middle of a complex struggle. They are cared for by the Anglican Diocese of Kajo-Keji.


#4 – Despite the unbearable heat (for our Lahash team at least), the kids had non-stop energy to burn when presented with some soccer and volleyballs.


#5 – As our team spoke to some of the children in the camp, this little one was smitten with the camera and simply satisfied with his teddy bear.


#6 – Our team got to cross the Nile River twice in a ferry. While it may be an exciting experience for some, based on its biblical references and being the world’s longest river, for some it is simply part of their commute or a place for laundry.


#7 – An Amazing Grace staff member gently washes infants’ hands as they prepare for a lunch time celebration. Our team was very grateful to be welcomed guests at this ministry.


#8 – The ministry of the Amazing Grace Children’s Home continues to expand, with newly purchased land and additional rooms on site (shown above) that were new even to the more frequent visitors on our team. We arrived late into the night with a thunderous background.


#9 – The children at Amazing Grace sit and eat lunch. Though this young boy is wearing half his plate, he savored and enjoyed whatever bites that managed to make it to his mouth. The food enjoyed by the kids during our stay was also provided through the recent #StandWithSouthSudan grants to our South Sudanese ministry partners in the region.


#10 – Wani, Noel, Sekwat, and Sarah pose for a group photo. Each are South Sudanese scholars in Lahash’s Stand with Students program. We have admired their dedication to their studies, to scripture, and for having a heart to serve others. They represent a future of hope for the displaced South Sudanese people when there is an emphasis on strong faith, resilience, and community.


Photography by Mandee Campos and Dan Holcomb