Remembering Hollo

In June of 2016, I was given the wonderful opportunity to travel with Lahash to Tanzania as a media volunteer. There were many experiences during this trip that stood out to me, but one of the most memorable days was when I met Hollo, one of Lahash’s sponsored children. It was a beautiful day when we drove into the village of Mwamalili. We had just finished delivering mosquito nets to a group of children that meet every week through Lahash’s partner ministry Path of Hope. We drove out of the small village towards Hollo’s house, and at a certain point we had to stop driving and walk because there was no more road, only a small footpath that led us through a rice field and cattle territory. We were there to visit Hollo and her family; to offer support during her time of battling diabetes.

We met in the front of their house where we sat together and heard from her mother about the struggles of Hollo’s disease. Hollo shared about herself, too. From what she shared it was clear that she was a kind-hearted, brave, and loving girl. I recall her little brother who was lounging in their mom’s arms, and how Hollo kept taking his hand. I went back to our hotel that night and wrote about the time spent with them. It was brief, but she stuck in our thoughts and prayers.

Hollo was eight years old then, and nine when she passed away this last week. She had increasing complications due to diabetes. When she got sick one night, because of their rural location, medical help was not able to get there in time. Despite the pain she was often in, and the uncertainty of her disease, she was an unforgettable light and inspiration. She’s already missed dearly. Our hearts are broken for Hollo’s mother and family, and for those who knew her through Path of Hope. My prayer for them is that they can find peace and comfort during this time of mourning.

“Your sun will no longer set, nor will your moon wane; For you will have the LORD for an everlasting light, and the days of your mourning will be over.” – Isaiah 60:20


Hollo flashes a smile for the Path of Hope staff.


Hollo’s mom shares with the visiting Lahash team and local partner staff about the medical challenges facing her daughter (in the blue sweater).