A Warm Welcome to Yevette Garcia!

Our community at Lahash is excited to announce that Yevette Garcia will be joining staff this year!

Yevette has been part of our community now for nearly a year as a member of the Servant Team program. She’ll now be officially joining staff as the Servant Teams Coordinator – working alongside our Director Mandee Campos.

Yevette is originally from Massachusetts where she grew up and then completed a Master’s degree in Community Engagement. Last year she joined the Lahash Servant Team program and served for the next 10 months in Portland and Tanzania. Yevette sees God’s hand in her journey and is excited now to use her gifts for the Kingdom of God while ministering at Lahash. “Looking back, I am still in awe at how God has led me alongside this journey with Lahash. God’s pursuit of me has compelled me in my pursuit of others for the Kingdom.”

During the past year of service at Lahash, Yevette has grown in her spiritual journey. In particular she’s been growing in gratitude. “I’ve learned to have a greater understanding of gratitude and how to best share it with others,” she shared about her time serving vulnerable kids in East Africa. “I’ve witnessed how resilient these children are, how they live out their lives with simplicity, and how grateful they are for the little they have.”

Mandee Campos and Yevette Garcia pause for a photo overlooking Kenya’s Rift Valley during their time of service in East Africa this past year.

Servant Teams Director Mandee Campos is looking forward to this next chapter with Yevette on the team, “I am excited that Yevette is joining staff,” Mandee shares, “We spent a significant amount of time together since last September and we have found that our strengths complement one another. She is detailed oriented, takes a lot of initiative, and has a vision and heart for the work being done at Lahash and in the Servant Teams program. She also brings a fun energy to the office— so we all have that to look forward to. It is also exciting to see the Lahash staff growing in diversity and the new perspective Yevette will be bringing into Lahash and the Servant Team program as a woman of color.”

Yevette Garcia steps off a plane on her way to the refugee camps of Northern Uganda while serving vulnerable kids in East Africa.

Yevette will help guide the Servant Team program in the Portland, Oregon service and engagement portion. She will also be responsible for assisting with fundraising and promotion efforts of the program.

“God has been preparing me to embrace and practice loving others in ways that transcend the confines of a church building and spreads out and flourishes into the community. I am really excited to be a part of an organization that strives to do this. And I’m greatly compelled by Lahash’s value of building healthy relationships and partnerships where mutuality and dignity of the other are at the forefront of what they do.”

Welcome to the team Yevette!

Yevette will be raising personal financial support in her role on the Lahash team. You can visit her donation page to make a monthly pledge or a one-time gift to help her accomplish her ministry work at Lahash.

Yevette spending some time with a child at the Nipe Tumaini Children’s Home in Kenya.

Dan Holcomb