The Media Team Heads Out: Fall 2017 East Africa Trip

The Lahash Media Team is hard at work planning for their October trip to East Africa.

Where are they going? What are they doing?

The Portland travelers depart OCTOBER 2 – Will Campbell, Nathan Gillespie, Jen Johnson, Casey Schilperoort, and Cathy Blakeman. Edwin Angote and Samson Makau will host the travelers in Kenya and continue with the team throughout the trip. Seven people, two main destinations:

FIRST DESTINATION: KENYA – Nipe Tumaini Children’s Home, October 3-10

Nipe Tumaini is a family setting for small children who have been completely separated from their families of origin, generally under extremely difficult circumstances. But at Nipe Tumaini, they have a home. And a school. And a farm.

All these elements are designed to help the children thrive, as well as to be self-sustaining. They have daily routines and chores, and truly do function as a family. As a travel team, we are hoping to be able capture the beauty of their life together as a family, and also to sit down with the founders, Benson and Eunice Mungai, and learn more about their story and their vision for this unique setting they’ve established.

While in Kenya, we will also spend some time with the Lahash East Africa staff, and have some very special visitors from the Stand With Students Higher Education Program! They are coming all the way from Uganda to see us. Ok, they are mostly coming to see Cathy Blakeman, the founder of the Stand With Students program, affectionately known as “mama” to them. But the rest of the team is excited to spend time with them, too.

SECOND DESTINATION: TANZANIA – Grace & Healing Ministry, October 11-18

Grace & Healing Ministry is a community-based organization, meaning that the children all live in their own homes in the neighborhoods surrounding the ministry center. They are visited at home by program staff, attend local schools, and come to Grace & Healing Ministry for “program day” each week.

We will be visiting some of the children in their homes, and we will also get to be a part of program day. A big goal is to get updated individual photos of all the kids. This is a tall order as there are about 175 of them! But with three photographers on the team, we’re hoping for the best. We also plan to spend some time with the Stand With Students higher education scholars, potentially even visiting them at their colleges and training centers!

When we wrap up our visit at Grace & Healing Ministry, it will be time to head back to Portland. We are hoping to return on October 19 with lots to share about the work that is happening there and the people who are part of it. It is an honor to have the chance to travel, to build relationships, to hear stories, and simply to witness the beauty and depth of daily life for our East African brothers and sisters.

We greatly appreciate your prayers over our safety, health, and ministry work while there, and if you would like to contribute toward the costs of the trip for those of us who are still raising funds, you can do so at the links below, and we would be most thankful!

Will Campbell

Casey Schilperoort

Jen Johnson