Will you pray with us this week?

This week we are asking friends around the world to stand with us in prayer over our ministry, the kids we serve, and our team members. 

You can also download a PDF of these prayer items.

– Spiritual Protection –
There have been several circumstances over the past several weeks which lead us to ask for intercessors to stand with us pray for God’s protection over our team. Please pray that God will surround each team member with his presence and power. Please pray over the kids we serve. Many of these kids have expressed recently trauma and spiritual oppression during the past year. Pray for the regions and countries we are ministering in. Pray that we may be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power (Eph 6) and that we might use all the tools provided for us in our battle against the evil one.

– Peace in Kenya –
Kenya continues to experience unrest, demonstrations, and scattered street violence in a dispute about the recent election process. Please pray that all leaders will choose to stand for peace as they work out their differences. Pray that the government will be filled with righteous and just leaders who fear God and are compassionate toward their fellow citizens.

– Strength and Courage –
Please pray that our team will have courage as we face huge obstacles in our work, experience tragic circumstances, and struggle with limited resources. Pray that our whole extended community will have the strength to make the decisions we need to make from day to day.

– Provision –
There are a number of projects and team members needing financial provision and resources right now. Will you pray that the God provides for our different needs? Pray that we will know how to best use the resources we do have when faced with making difficult decisions. Pray that God will continue to bring new partners and supporters to stand with us in our work serving vulnerable kids. Please also pray that God will provide healing to so many in our community who are sick.

– Peace in South Sudan –
South Sudan has had a flare-up in violence recently – specifically in the southern region. Pray that the church will rise up during this time to be a force for peace and dialogue and forgiveness. Pray for protection – especially those who might have trouble fleeing the violence. Pray for progress in the peace talks across the nation.

– Unity –
We need unity and good communication as a team and as a network of partnerships. Pray that God will continue to give us mercy and grace in our communication. Pray that we will be able to put aside differences and work together in love. Pray that despite working in a context with multiple languages and cultures – that we will be able to work as brothers and sisters with a common vision and goal.

– Wisdom –
From day to day we have many different complex decisions to think through and act on. We ask that you pray for wisdom for each of our team members. Pray for wisdom for the kids and the many difficult decisions they need to make each day. Pray for our partners – the local ministry leaders – as they face very difficult decisions. We need heavenly wisdom for the size of challenges in each region. Pray that we will trust in the direction of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we won’t rely on our own intuition and understanding, but rather rely on God.

Thank you so much for standing with us in this vital way.

Dan Holcomb