Better Rest, More Meals: World AIDS Day 2017

Years ago when this young girl entered the Lahash Child Sponsorship Program, she was “sleeping down.” Like many HIV-positive children, she was small for her age. Like many other kids in her community, she was under-nourished. For children with HIV/AIDS, sleeping on the ground is not only uncomfortable, but compromises their health. They don’t rest well, and the dirt, germs, and cold air increase their exposure to illness. Life-saving anti-retroviral medications are a must, but they are not enough to maintain health. Sufficient food and rest are vital for these children to thrive and live positively with HIV.

As you can see from her smile, she is doing just that. Her sponsors were able to provide her with a bed and mattress during Christmas, and she receives medical care and supplemental meals through the Sponsorship Program as well. Managing her health status is part of her life, but so is school. And social time. And choir practice. And doing chores with her sister. Did you notice the beautiful quilt on the bed? She helped make it, plus many others. Her family has started a business selling them in the community.

All these things are possible because her sponsors and many other compassionate people around the world are choosing not to see HIV as a death sentence. Instead, they choose to see children who deserve full and healthy lives. They choose to see hope and promise, even in the face of this dangerous disease.

If you want to help a child with HIV, the 2017 Lahash Giving Guide includes two perfect options: better rest and more meals. For $14, you can donate 10 meals for a child in need. For $200, you can purchase a bed frame and mattress for a child who is sleeping down. World AIDS Day reminds us all that the fight against HIV/AIDS is far from over. It also reminds us that we can help win that fight.

One good meal, one restful night, one precious child at a time.

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