Celebrating 70 years by sending 70 kids to Bible Camp

When Mary Armstrong’s husband, Dave, turned 70 last year, she asked friends and family members to send him cards. She hoped he would get 70 cards for his 70th birthday, and he did! It got her thinking about how to celebrate her own 70th. If people were willing to do a card, would they be willing to make a donation toward a cause she was passionate about?

Mary has a passion for children to know the love of Jesus. When she saw that the Lahash Christmas Giving Guide included the option to help send kids to Bible Camp, she thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate her 70th. With her birthday coming up on December 10, she launched a giving campaign online on December 1st. Her goal was to raise $350, enough to send 7 kids from the Lahash Child Sponsorship Program to Bible Camp.

Within a day or so, the goal was reached! And that opened the door for God to prompt her to “add some zeros” to her goal…

I went to bed the first night this fund raiser was posted, and as I was working on getting to sleep, God whispered to me about raising my goal to 70. That sounded exciting, but humanly I reasoned that it was toooo BIG a number. All the next day I worked on coming up with a larger goal than sending 7 kids to camp, but something more doable than 70 kids. God kept nudging me to go for 70, so I am trusting that He knows what He is doing. Let’s trust Him together!

Mary is celebrating her 70th birthday today, and she’s excited to watch the fundraiser numbers continue to go up during her birthday week! $3500 will send 70 Lahash kids to Bible Camp, one to represent each year of God’s faithfulness in Mary’s life. Her hope is that Bible Camp will give each child an opportunity to experience the love of Jesus in a way that impacts their life from that point on. As she phrases it, this birthday gift will be “a blessing that keeps on giving.”

If you’d like to help make this birthday dream come true, you can donate here to Mary’s 70th Birthday Fundraiser. She has it set up so that the donations go directly to Lahash International. And if you’d like to know a little bit more about what the Bible Camp experience is like for the kids in East Africa, check out the video Bible Camp Blessings.

Mary and Dave Armstrong were high school sweethearts in Oregon, who then became career missionaries in South America. In their retirement from overseas mission work, they have continued to support and encourage missionaries all over the world. Since 2000, they have also been “helping people quickly connect with short-term mission trips that fit their gifts and calling” through their website, ShortTermMissions.com. They currently live in St. Louis, Missouri. Lahash is honored to have such passionate and faithful servants of God connected to our work in East Africa!

Thank you, Mary, and Happy 70th Birthday!