Love For Little Lightness

In 2017, almost 90 children have been matched with sponsors! We are so excited to see all these new relationships in their beginning stages.

One of those sponsor-and-child pairs is Emmaline and Lightness. Lightness is only 5 years old, so she will need a lot of help reading Emmaline’s letters and writing back, but that doesn’t diminish the joy they both feel at starting this journey together. In fact, Emmaline is so committed to little Lightness that her passion overflowed into this message to her online community:

I’m going to get a little vulnerable here, you guys, even though I’m not the best at sharing or writing this kind of stuff, but here goes—

This sweet girl’s name is Lightness. Lightness is 5 years old, and lives in Tanzania. She’s pictured here holding a letter I recently sent her. I began sponsoring her this year through the nonprofit I volunteer with called Lahash International. Lightness has changed my life. I never thought I could care so much for someone I’ve never even met, but you better believe that her well-being is one of the most important things to me. I’m not sharing this because I expect any personal recognition out of it, I’m sharing because I wanted to let you all know that there are more children like Lightness out there that don’t yet have anyone who is supporting them.

My heart breaks for those kiddos, especially when this time of year can be so lonely for people. When you sponsor a child through Lahash, you are able to write to them whenever you want, and they write back with the utmost excitement knowing that someone out there loves them and knows them. It’s about a relationship, and it’s about knowing that through your monthly giving they are being taken care of, going to school, and being paid attention to.

I had the opportunity to meet many sponsored children during my trip to Tanzania last year, and it gave me so much hope. This is real, and this is important. Please consider checking out this link for more info. Love you guys and thanks for reading!

The momentum and growth we’ve seen in the Sponsorship Program in 2017 means that our partner ministries across East Africa can work toward adding more children and staff. Children like Lightness are the reason we do what we do, and the thought of welcoming more of them into sponsorship spurs us on to keep advocating and expanding the global Lahash community.

Will you join Emmaline in becoming a child sponsor? Of all the gifts you could give this Christmas season, child sponsorship is one gift that invites you to receive as well as give. You can see children who are waiting for sponsors at and begin the process today.

Jen Johnson