Nipe Tumaini: Water Tank Progress!

During Lent (or during March), the global Lahash community participated in Rice & Beans Month. They simplified their diets, ate in solidarity with our East African brothers and sisters, and are now donating the money they saved on groceries so that it can help fund sustainable food projects at Lahash’s partner locations in East Africa! This was the ninth year of this unique event, and over $87,000 has been raised since it began. The money has been used for a wide range of creative projects, and this one is the biggest undertaking yet.

Nipe Tumaini Children’s Home is located in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and there has been a lot of construction going on for the past couple of months. Rice & Beans Month funds are hard at work! A huge water tank is being built on their 10-acre property, which will allow them to irrigate a much larger portion of the land.

Founder Benson Mungai’s vision for Nipe Tumaini has always been that the farm and children’s home are self-sustaining. They want to grow enough food and livestock to care for all the children and staff living there, with surplus to sell. They want to expand their school to educate and feed not only the Nipe Tumaini kids, but kids from the surrounding villages as well. In order for this to happen, they must be able to irrigate the property well through long dry seasons. This water tank will reduce their dependence on unpredictable rainfall and dramatically increase their production.

The digging began at the end of January. You can imagine the excitement for the kids (and adults!) at seeing an excavator at work!

Work crew preparing for the foundation to be laid – mid-February.

Benson Mungai (left) helps to set the cornerstone in early March. They held a “Cornerstone Day” celebration for the water tank and also for the addition to the school that is being constructed simultaneously. As if that is not enough, a second children’s home on the property is receiving its finishing touches! We rejoice that 2018 is already a year of major growth and expansion for Nipe Tumaini.

The work crew continues Phase One of the project… notice the pint-sized “supervisor” overseeing things from the top right corner of the photo!

Sudden heavy rains in mid-March slowed progress a bit! The entire tank and construction area flooded completely.

A couple days later, the water had receded somewhat, but it was a few more days before construction could resume. Thankfully there was no damage! Everything they had completed so far was intact!

By the end of March, Phase One of the construction was completed. In the distance on the right is Nipe Tumaini Academy where the children attend school. In the grove of trees in the distance on the left are guest quarters.


Phase Two – plastering – is now well underway in early April!

The Nipe Tumaini water tank is just one of many projects that Rice & Beans Month has helped to create. You can help fund projects like this one, along with other sustainable farming, water, and nutrition efforts! Use the button to donate to Rice & Beans Month.

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