Sponsorship Update: Life-Changing Christmas Gifts

The Lahash community of child sponsors was generous at Christmas time. So generous, in fact, that it took a lot of time, effort, and planning for our ministry partners across East Africa to purchase all of the Christmas gifts and prepare the celebration days! Edwin and Samson, our Lahash East Africa staff members, recently made a huge tour of all the partner locations and celebrated Christmas at each one. Four countries and many on-location parties later, they sent us a full report complete with photos. Even though it’s the middle of April, we can’t help but share them with you! Christmas joy doesn’t go out of season!

YUDE received a goat as a gift! She immediately began planning that when it is old enough to reproduce, she will sell the babies and buy a cow. A cow will provide milk for her family with surplus to sell, as well as help her family improve their small farm and get higher yields. When she received the goat, joy spread over her face and she confessed that she never expected that one day she would be keeping a domestic animal. She is very thankful to her sponsor for helping her family take this huge step. This one small goat has the potential to move this family toward increased food security and financial stability.

JAFARY was thrilled to receive a solar-powered light for his home. He loves school, but completing his homework was very difficult because his family could rarely afford kerosene for their lamp. Knowing that he no longer has to worry about having enough light for studying, Jafary was encouraged to work even harder! He wants to get a good education in hopes of becoming a doctor one day. Many children received solar lights this year, and it means so much more than just being seeing well after sundown. These little lights increase productivity, improve school performance, and dispel the darkness of discouragement with the light of hope!

MATHIAS received iron sheets for Christmas! Yes, you read that right. He lives with his family in a mud brick house, and without proper roofing, they have water leaking in when it rains and they live with the constant worry that a heavy storm will severely damage or even destroy their walls. He knew that the iron sheets would allow his family to repair their roof and remain safely in their home, but he was not sure if he would ever receive such a gift. When he came to the Christmas Celebration and saw that he had received iron sheets, he and his family were in shock! They almost could not believe that they had received such a blessing, and all they could do was express thanks to Mathias’s sponsor and renew their commitment to continue praying for them.

CLAUDIA was happy to receive bags of cement. Another odd-sounding gift, perhaps. But this girl’s life has been marked by so much tragedy and loss, including time spent living on the streets. She was taken in by a loving family that is part of the Grace & Healing Ministry program in Tanzania, and she was matched with a sponsor. Her life stabilized in so many ways, and yet the family’s home was humble and in need of some repairs. She requested cement bags for Christmas, so that some repairs could be made to the sleeping quarters of the home. “Thank you GOD for hearing my prayers, for giving me bags of cement!” she said at the Christmas celebration. “From now on I’m going to sleep in a good place! God has done this for me, thank you Mighty God, I have nothing to repay you but please bless my sponsor for this kindness!”

This is just a small representation of the gifts received by Lahash sponsored children across East Africa, and you can see more photos of kids and the celebrations in this Christmas Photo Album.

None of this would be possible without our amazing sponsors, so to each of them, we say a heartfelt THANK YOU. Christmas is a busy time of year, but as you can see from these stories, the time it takes to choose a gift for your sponsored child and then donate the money is time well spent.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’d love to share a gift like this with a child at Christmas…” Why wait? There are children eager to be matched with sponsors, and you could be the sponsor they are waiting for. Visit lahash.org/sponsorship to begin the process. You and the child you sponsor will both receive the gift of a unique and life-changing relationship – a gift that is always in season. And, when Christmas rolls around again, you will be included in the gift-giving fun!

Jen Johnson