2018 Annual Report

“A Model That Works”
A Letter from Dan Holcomb, Executive Director

Nipe Tumaini (NEE-pay Tu-ma-EE-nee) is a beautiful farm and children’s home located deep in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. Nipe Tumaini is Swahili for “give me hope,” and the incredible staff there is sharing the hope of Jesus in word and deed with extremely vulnerable kids. They are grateful not to be doing it alone.

At Lahash, we operate with two fundamental convictions. 1) There are millions of vulnerable kids in East Africa who need love, support, and care in order to survive. 2) God has prepared Christians from across the region to minister to them. Lahash supports these local ministries, helping them become even more effective.

My family sponsors a little boy named John at Nipe Tumaini. Abandoned as a toddler, he was placed in the care of Benson and Eunice Mungai, the Kenyan founders of Nipe Tumaini. Their intentional, loving approach is helping John to thrive. As one of the quieter, younger kids there, he benefits greatly from the stable family environment. 

The Mungais know that their vision to care for kids like John requires a multi-faceted team effort. Lahash is one player on that team. Nipe Tumaini relies on the Kenyan government, local community partners, a Kenyan board, partner organizations in Germany and California, and YOU. This model of working alongside each other for the sake of vulnerable kids is a model that works. We are all needed in building the Kingdom of God.

Lahash served 400 kids across East Africa in 2017. As you take in the stories and stats below, remember that your sacrifices, gifts, and prayers helped make it possible. Thank you!

Our Four Core Programs:

Connecting vulnerable children with caring sponsors to help meet the kids’ spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs.

At Path Of Hope in rural Tanzania, 90 Lahash sponsored children attended Bible Camp. The staff rejoiced to see many children, like Latifa, find peace, transformation, and healing through the prayer sessions. Latifa’s family had sent her to witch doctors many times, but she left Bible Camp confessing that Jesus is the only healer! Seeing the change in Latifa, her mother now believes this, too! Learn more about sponsorship at lahash.org/sponsorship.

Developing missional leaders through in-depth training and hands-on service among vulnerable people in Portland and then in East Africa.

Immersed in cross-cultural ministry for the first five months of 2017, the team served primarily with Grace & Healing Ministry, and visited all the other Lahash partner locations as well. Program Director Mandee Campos and Coordinator Yevette Garcia came back determined to build strong connections for the Servant Teams program and develop curriculum to enrich the experience for the next group of missional leaders-in-training. Learn more about Servant Teams at ServantTeams.com.

Ensuring consistent academic progress for every child, then offering mentorship and scholarships to promising students for higher education.

Although his early life was marked by tragedy in South Sudan, Wani found stability under the care of Lahash’s partner ministry in Uganda. Now, at 19, his dream of attending university as a Stand With Students scholar is within reach. While keeping up on his own studies, he also helps care for the younger kids at Kampala House, and encourages them toward academic success. Learn more about this inspiring program at lahash.org/standwithstudents.

Inviting a global community to eat simply and donate their saved money toward increased nutrition and sustainable food projects for the hungry.

In Tanzania, Rice & Beans Month provided daily protein-rich meals for all the HIV-positive children at Grace & Healing Ministry, and began a new project as well! The leafy greens eaten by all the sponsored children at the weekly “program day” meal are now proudly grown and harvested by some of the older kids in the program. Great nutrition, plus a great experience tending the garden! Learn more about the impact of Rice & Beans Month at EatRiceAndBeans.com

Financial Information:

Thank You For Partnering With Us! 

We are grateful for your involvement with Lahash and grateful to God for his provision and sustaining grace. Every donation we receive is stewarded with integrity, and we are committed to financial accountability and transparency. For more details, visit lahash.org/financials or contact our Finance Team at finance@lahash.org. To support the ongoing work of Lahash International you can donate online at lahash.org/give.