Sponsoring A King & Queen

Two families find a heart connection from opposite sides of the world 

For families living in poverty, the burden to find food is a heavy one. Things like education, medical care, and basic household items seem like unattainable luxuries when a daily meal is not guaranteed. In Rwanda, that was the situation for King and Queen, siblings who lost both their parents and were being cared for by their grandmother. Too old to work, the grandmother had only her strong faith and fervent prayers to offer on the children’s behalf. Their hearts were fearful and heavy, and they didn’t know if anyone cared. 

The Andrews family was drawn to the idea of child sponsorship because of Lahash’s commitment to accepting children who would likely be deemed “too vulnerable” by other organizations. When they heard about King and Queen, the lyrics of a favorite family song instantly filled their hearts: “Boys become kings, girls will be queens, wrapped in your majesty, when we love, when we love the least of these…” They were excited to build a connection with two kids they might never meet in person, but already knew were royalty in the eyes of God.

Sponsorship brought positive changes to King and Queen’s life right away. They were especially excited to receive the uniforms they needed to be able to attend school. Their grandmother, after shouldering the weight of trying to care for them, was overjoyed at the answer to her prayers. “My heart had a heavy burden, but now my heart is released,” she said. “I’m thankful to God. They have lessened my burden! He has sent these beautiful people to me. I don’t know them. They don’t know me. But God has come and brought them to me!”

For the kids, the connection to their sponsors was also a form of emotional support. “I’m so happy to hear that someone cares about me,” King said. “I’m very happy in my heart because I didn’t think there was anyone who would care about me. But now God has spoken to someone, and that family is thinking about me.”

This sponsorship relationship has impacted the hearts of the Andrews family as well. “It really brings us back to what is important, what we want for our girls, and where we want our hearts to be,” said Howard Andrews. “Jesus says, ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ We just want to remember that we can invest in something real.”

Tangible, daily needs are met through child sponsorship such as school uniforms, meals, and medicine. These are vitally important, yet so are the intangible effects of love, encouragement, and prayers. Beginning with their first exchange of letters and photos, these families made a heart-to-heart connection, and now they share a bond that will shape their lives for years to come.


See More of the Story

Sponsorship is changing the lives of kids in East Africa and their sponsors. This video lets you see King and Queen at their home in Rwanda, and also their sponsor family at home in Portland. Though they may never meet in person, these families’ stories are now intertwined in beautiful ways that benefit them all.

Sponsoring A King And Queen from Lahash International on Vimeo.