Sponsorship Month: Expanding The Family

June is Sponsorship Month here at Lahash, and we are “Expanding the Family!” There are many new children being welcomed into the Lahash family in East Africa, and our goal is connect at least 30 of them with new sponsors during June.

Our community of child sponsors is full of warm, caring, committed people who have expanded their concept of family. Far beyond the four walls of their own homes, they help support a vulnerable child through our Child Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship provides for tangible needs like school fees, medical care, and nutritional support, and yet the intangible needs are just as significant. Kids with sponsors know that there is someone in a far away part of the world who thinks of them, prays for them, and is cheering them on. They also have an ongoing connection to the safe, supportive environment of one of Lahash’s partner ministries where they are cared for emotionally and spiritually.

To those of you who already sponsor – thank you! To those of you who are ready to begin sponsoring a child for the first time – welcome! You can meet the children who are waiting at lahash.org/sponsorship and begin the process there.

Watch the video to hear more about the month, and then help us spread the word! Click here to share this video with your connections on Facebook to help raise awareness for these special kids. Thanks for joining us this month!