Welcome To The Team: Saggiah and Enrica Wright!

Lahash is very excited to announce that our East Africa team has two new members! Saggiah Wright has joined our staff full-time as the Partnership Development Coordinator, and Enrica Wright as a part-time Child Welfare Manager.

This dynamic young couple was instrumental in helping to establish the Path Of Hope program in the Shinyanga region of northern Tanzania. Lahash partnered with Path of Hope in 2012, and we witnessed how much the program expanded and improved thanks in large part to the Wrights’ tireless and faithful efforts. They helped develop and execute the holistic care model for the kids in the Sponsorship Program, and Saggiah also coordinated a Food Security & Sustainable Livelihoods project that assisted many families in learning to grow their own food even through extreme dry seasons.

Saggiah and Enrica both grew up in Kenya, and chose courses of study that prepared them well to serve vulnerable people. Enrica completed a certificate program in Community Health at Kenya Institute of Public Health. Saggiah completed his B.A. in Sociology/I.T. at Maseno University. They are Christians who desire to serve the Lord with their lives, and to see people’s lives improve not only physically but spiritually as well, transformed by the good news of Jesus.

After completing their time at Path Of Hope, the Wrights lived on the Kenyan coast with their two young sons, and Wright was employed in a government job with the State Department of Corrections.

“My work with the government was great, and we also decided to open a small kiosk for Enrica,” Saggiah explained. “Things were working out ok, but we soon realized that something was amiss. We often remembered our work with the needy communities at Shinyanga, and we missed it a lot! We realized that we experienced greater fulfillment while working there… We felt a void and knew that someday, we might decide to respond to this passionate call to serve the needy groups.

Well, someday came a bit sooner than they anticipated, when East Africa Director Edwin Angote presented them with the possibility of joining the Lahash staff. As Saggiah explains, it was not an easy decision to make.

“When the opportunity to work with Lahash arose, it was a bit difficult for us to make a decision on whether it was the right time to take that step. I personally worried a lot, especially on the issue of terminating my work with the government.” Saggiah had just been notified that he was confirmed into a permanent position with a pension, which would provide well for their family. They had a lot of factors to weigh. “We prayed and consulted a lot, and finally we made a decision to forfeit my work with the government so we could respond to the call to serve the needy communities through a commitment to work with Lahash. To date, we feel this is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a family. This is because Lahash provides a platform through which our work can be blended with the great mission of preaching the Good News to needy populations across East Africa.

The Wright family has relocated to Machakos, Kenya, and live not too far from the Angote family. Their son Brandon is five years old and is attending Pre-Primary at a local school. Little Braden is almost three and will start school in January 2019. As a family they are getting connected at a new church, and are also attending a home fellowship group with the Angotes. With their typical passion and energy, they are diving right into their roles at Lahash, even as they settle into a new location and new rhythms for their family’s life. They are excited for what lies ahead in this next phase of their journey with Lahash:

We look forward to learning from the populations we serve, the people we work with, and through study and trainings so we can shape our talents, creative abilities, and experiences to better serve the needy communities. We look forward to fostering positive and pragmatic impacts in the lives of the needy children and families across East Africa. We are interested to grow spiritually at personal levels and as a family so all aspects of our lives may manifest the true picture of our calling as followers of Christ. We want to use our God-given abilities to contribute to the greater mission of reconciling the world to Christ. We know Lahash is uniquely placed to help us realize the dream of service to the needy. We shall be content amidst the struggles, challenges, and successes knowing that we have now purely devoted our lives to the service of God.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about this wonderful young family, you can see why Lahash is so glad to have them on board, and you can share in our excitement! Glory be to God for faithfully building a strong team of people united in the desire to work toward holistic transformation in the lives of vulnerable people across East Africa.

Welcome, Saggiah, Enrica, Brandon, and Braden! We’re so glad to have you on the team!

The Lahash team is still growing!
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