Grateful Hearts: Highlights From The Kids!

We are so thankful to be a part of the work God is doing in East Africa, and thankful for the beautiful global community that makes it possible. Yes, that means YOU.

Together with our East African ministry partners, we are providing holistic care to over 400 kids in our Sponsorship Program. Recently, the staff at our partner ministries asked the kids about their favorite highlights from this past year. So many of them had such sweet expressions of gratitude to share with us. Enjoy!

I’m so thankful to Lahash for helping me learn how to grow a vegetable garden, which helps provide food for my family!
– Antony, age 9 in Shinyanga, Tanzania

My favorite memory last year was when I became sponsored!
– Christian, age 7 in Dodoma, Tanzania

I’m very grateful that I can now go to a school where I can really learn, and I give all the glory to God! I am now improving in my classes.
– Dan, age 9 in Kigali, Rwanda

I’m excited to be keeping hens, and so proud that I received a bike from my sponsor at Christmas!
– Aleni, age 13 in Dodoma, Tanzania

I am thankful and proud to be a good singer. I’m even chosen for solo parts!
– Christina, age 8 in Busoka, Tanzania

My favorite memory this last year was when I got baptized! At the Sponsorship program I am learning about the Bible, and I also really enjoyed when we planted trees together.
– Charles, age 13 in Dodoma, Tanzania

I love working on the farm and taking care of my rabbits. I make sure that they are fed at the right time.
– Joseph, age 5 in Rift Valley, Kenya

My favorite memory this past year was when my grandmother surprised me with new clothes! The Sponsorship Program has helped me to learn how to love others at school and study God’s word. My favorite activity at Bible camp this year was praising God and listening to God’s word.
– Agnes, age 12 in Dodoma, Tanzania

My favorite achievement this year was being able to sleep on a bed and mattress instead of the ground.
– Atanas, age 16 in Dodoma, Tanzania

I am thankful to the Lahash Sponsorship Program for providing me with schooling, housing, and other basic needs. I’d like to be a doctor when I grow up!
– Christina, age 12 in Shinyanga, Tanzania

We hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about the may things the kids are grateful for this year. These precious lives are all gifts from a loving and gracious God, and we are deeply thankful for the ways each and every one of you care for and support them!

Happy Thanksgiving from your Friends at Lahash!