Lighting Up With Christmas Joy

Each year our ministry partners across East Africa love putting on the Christmas Gift distribution parties for the sponsored kids! Good food, joyous music, and a tangible sense of excitement fill the day as the children wait for their special gifts.

Even simple gifts can make a big difference. At Path of Hope in northern Tanzania last year, Jafari was thrilled to receive a solar-powered light for his home. He loves school, but completing his homework was very difficult because his family could rarely afford kerosene for their lamp. Knowing that he no longer has to worry about having enough light for studying, Jafari has been encouraged to work even harder! He wants to get a good education in hopes of becoming a doctor one day.

Among other gifts, many children received solar lights last year, and it means so much more than just seeing clearly after sundown. These little lights increase productivity, improve school performance, and dispel the darkness of discouragement with the light of hope! Along with solar lights, every gift donated this Christmas season will light up the heart (and the face!) of a vulnerable child, reminding them that the Light of the World shines on them too.

To give a solar lamp or other gift to a child through Lahash this year, you can visit our special Christmas Giving page at

With gratitude and joy this Christmas,
The Lahash Team