A visit FROM Albino Peacemakers

It’s not everyday we get to host a friend all the way from Tanzania right here in the Lahash office! Terry Morton spends most of her time in Arusha, Tanzania were she volunteers with Albino Peacemakers, our newest ministry partner. Working alongside the founder, Sister Martha, and other local staff the ministry provides critical care and advocacy for kids and adults living with albinism. On a recent trip to Oregon, Terry stopped in for a visit and helped our staff understand more about the intense struggles facing kids with albinism.

Watch the short video above for a quick glimpse at the work of Albino Peacemakers and then scroll down to meet some amazing kids who are still waiting for a sponsor. Simply click on any of the beautiful faces below to learn more about that child. As a sponsor you get to join alongside Lahash and Albino Peacemakers in not only providing holistic care, but also helping that child know they are seen, valued, and loved! Thanks for joining us!