Albino Peacemakers: MEET RICHARD!

Lahash has a new ministry partner – Albino Peacemakers in Arusha, Tanzania! You can learn more about Albino Peacemakers and the stigma faced by Tanzanians with albinism in our introduction story. A new partnership means new kids are eagerly waiting to be matched with sponsors, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to one of them today:

Richard is 10 years old, and not only does he have albinism, but many members of his family also suffer due to this genetic condition. His father and his two siblings have albinism; his mother does not. Richard’s parents are no longer together, and Richard lives with an aunt and two cousins, all of whom have albinism. As a single parent with albinism, Richard’s aunt is not able to provide for the children’s needs. Albinism causes a variety of health problems, and also carries great stigma in Tanzanian culture. It can be very difficult to find work, and even to stay safe from threats of violence. Just making sure the children have enough food is a daily challenge for Richard’s aunt, so there is no way she can provide school fees or medical care.

Sister Martha Mganga, the founder of Albino Peacemakers, came to visit Richard’s family and offer help. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of people with albinism in Tanzania through educating people about the condition, and helping connect those with albinism to the resources they need to live full and healthy lives.

Richard will benefit greatly from having a sponsor who cares about him and has compassion for the struggles he faces. Sponsorship will help pay for his school fees at Arusha School, where the teachers and staff have been thoroughly trained by Albino Peacemakers in how to meet the needs of these special students. Being able to attend boarding school means that he gets to enjoy his favorite subject – Math – and just be a normal kid playing soccer and games with friends. Sponsorship will also ensure that he can receive the special medications, treatments, clothing, and shoes that he needs to keep his skin and body healthy. Most of all, it will remind him that he has advocates who are praying for him through all his challenges, offering him hope and encouragement.

*UPDATE* Richard now has a sponsor! There are other children at Albino Peacemakers waiting for sponsors and you can find their profiles right here on our website! Visit and make a special connection with one of these children today!