Servant Team Update from Eryn!

“I love Jesus, Jesus my Savior, I love Jesus, of course I do, do, do, do.”

These words are being sung for all to hear because of one purpose. Because of one person. Jesus.

“Rebuilding Rwanda” is the Lahash ministry partnership in Kigali, Rwanda, and that is where I first heard children singing these words.

When our Servant Team first arrived to the partnership, I felt many emotions. My time in Portland had come to an end. I had already expressed my gratitude towards the many supporters, family, and friends who gifted me with financial stability, continual communication, prayers, and more. But no Servant Team had come to Rwanda before, so it felt like a big unknown. It wasn’t where I was expecting to be, so it was hard to find peace. My heart had not been opened to Rwanda… yet.

Now that the Servant Team has been in Rwanda for the past several weeks, we have been able to dive deep into the culture, engage with the partnership, and invest in relationships with the children around us. My mindset has been transformed. I am at peace with where God has led our team. I can’t think of a better place to be. I am thankful for the path that God has carved out for us, as well as the many supporters that have made following that path possible. This is where I am supposed to be for this season.

“Rebuilding Rwanda” has allowed the Servant Team to connect with vulnerable children and young teens. Every Saturday, our team takes part in Program Day. My favorite day of the week.

Program Day begins with crafts, games, and activities. We color, play soccer, play with balloons and bubbles, and show the children how to create keychains. Much of the day is also spent on creating music. We can drum, dance, worship and sing songs of praise with the children. It is something all of us find joy in.

We may not share the same language, but we share the same Savior. Just in sharing that, I find happiness and thankfulness.

 “I love Jesus, Jesus my Savior, I love Jesus, of course I do, do, do, do.”