Servant Team Update From Nicole!

Nicole is currently serving in Kigali, Rwanda as part of Lahash’s Servant Teams program. She and the other team members are serving alongside our ministry partners at Rebuilding Rwanda and getting to know the kids in the Sponsorship Program. As you’ll see below, these amazing kids already have a special place in Nicole’s heart.

A connection between a sponsor and a child is much more than just a monetary transaction. It is a relationship. A relationship that has the power to change the lives of everyone involved. Sponsoring allows change in the life of a vulnerable child and in return allows the sponsor to be changed in the process. When you sponsor a child, you are not only providing food on the table and paying for school fees; you are helping these kids receive spiritual, physical, educational, environmental, and emotional care.

Supporting a child will create a new inner life that is full of hope within the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Jesus mentions during his travels to let the children come to him and to not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. There are passages in scripture that mention we, as followers, are to take care of the widows, orphans, the blind, and the sick. Our hope is that these children are drawn towards the perfect love of God.

My goal throughout my time in Rwanda is to advocate for unsponsored children. There are 74 kids here at Rebuilding Rwanda that I get to know, play, and learn with throughout my time here. Of those 74 children, there are 21 kids who are still waiting for a sponsor. I am greatly privileged to advocate for these unsponsored kids, in hopes that they would find sponsors to help them thrive in their lives.

I’ve had the opportunity to dive deeper into fellowship with 5 unsponsored kids specifically. These kids are Christella, Christine, Deborah, Devotha, and Eliya. Each one of them have touched my heart as I get to know who they are, their journeys, and their stories. I hope as you read a glimpse of two of these kids’ stories that your heart will be opened as it has for me.

Deborah is an amazing 13-year-old girl. She is one of the first kids I met at Rebuilding Rwanda and I have become deeply attached to her sincere personality. Occasionally she has a cough, but it doesn’t stop her from always being happy, active, and attentive. She is very keen on attending school and truly enjoys praying. As I have gotten to know her, she is a very talented singer and she sings for her church choir. She embraces music and worship; she attends church twice a week. Her favorite food is rice. Deborah enjoys playing games and making bracelets with the other kids during the Sponsorship Program Day each Saturday. I have always seen her encouraging and challenging the other kids in the program to do their best. Deborah lives with her mom, Vestine, and three siblings in a small house. I was able to visit her family and learned that her mother is a genocide survivor. Vestine is unemployed and struggles to provide for her family’s basic needs. She prays for her children to be successful in school. She teaches Deborah skills she hopes will encourage her to be more independent. Deborah loves her mother. She helps her take care of her siblings and assists her in the household chores.

Devotha is a courageous, confident and outgoing 4-year-old girl. As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve noticed that she always presents herself well and likes to be organized. She is very active during the weekly Program Days. She loves to play soccer, eat rice and color in coloring books. She enjoys playing with her friends in the program and loves to play games. Devotha always has a cheerful attitude every time I see her during the Saturday Programs Days. She is always growing in spirit and in health when I see her. She always helps the younger kids, even though she is just as young. She shares her meals with her friends and is consistently engaging in what’s going on around her. Devotha lives with her parents. Her mother unfortunately has permanent back pain. Her father is greatly suffering from kidney failure, and sadly he is also known to be irresponsible when it comes to funds. Devotha’s family is very poor and struggles to have adequate food. They are currently renting a house, however, they struggle to pay the rent. Although there are struggles in her household, she always comes to program with an open heart and sometimes a shy smile.

To Sponsor Devotha click here!

This is only a glimpse into the lives of two of the 21 kids that are in impoverished situations. As I deepen relationships with each one of these kids, I’m learning more about who God is. These kids consistently express their glory and praise for Christ. I hope as you’ve heard these stories that you would like to know more about these unsponsored kids at Rebuilding Rwanda. We can transform their daily lives to provide not only their basic needs, but their spiritual needs. I pray that we can continue to build hope into these kids’ lives.

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