Albino Peacemakers: MEET AMINA!

Our ministry partner Albino Peacemakers in Arusha, Tanzania, exists to serve vulnerable children with albinism. They also advocate for people with albinism all across Tanzania, as albinism is widely misunderstood and people with albinism are abused and victimized in various ways. As a global Lahash community, we have much to learn from the Albino Peacemakers team, and from the kids themselves! Today we want to share one child’s story…

We’d like you to meet Amina.

Many children with albinism are shunned by their families, who believe the condition is a curse. Amina is not shunned by her family, because everyone in her family has albinism. They all know what it feels like to be marginalized and even threatened. Her father has survived skin cancer caused by the condition, and although he has recovered, he is not employed. Both of his wives and all the children have albinism, and the mothers try their best to earn a meager living through finding odd jobs here and there when they can. Every member of the family has significant medical needs due to albinism, and they often struggle just to put food on the table.

Amina’s father found out about Albino Peacemakers when the ministry’s founder, Sister Martha (pictured below) came to his village and held a workshop to educate local people about this genetic condition and the needs that people with albinism struggle with as a result. Albino Peacemakers took Amina’s father and the whole family under their wing, offering assistance in every way they are able. It is only because of the work of Albino Peacemakers that the family is able to receive help with medical care and education for the children.

Amina is now connected to a sponsor through Lahash, which is a great support to this unique family. They live on the margins of Tanzanian society, with very little compassion or care from others in their community. Sister Martha was able to enroll Amina at Arusha Boarding School, where the teachers and staff have been thoroughly trained by Albino Peacemakers in how to meet the needs of children with albinism. Through sponsorship she also receives the special medications, treatments, and clothing that she needs to keep her skin and body healthy. Sponsorship is an important component of the care that surrounds Amina. Because of the compassion of Albino Peacemakers and the support of her sponsor, Amina receives the consistent hopeful reminder that even though her challenges in life are great, she is precious and worthy of love.

Amina is already connected to a sponsor, but many of her friends are still waiting!

If your heart is moved by the unique needs of these children with albinism, we welcome you to become a sponsor. You can find the children’s profiles right here on our website. Visit and make a special connection with one of these children today!

Jen Johnson