Bebeto & the Power of Prayer

As a staff member at Lahash’s partner Rebuilding Rwanda, Louis Masengesho is deeply invested in the lives of the children in the Sponsorship Program and their families. He has been following the journey of a young boy named Bebeto and his siblings, and recently shared this encouraging update:

Bebeto (in red below) is the third-born in a family of four children. He has two sisters and one brother. Bebeto and his siblings are orphans whose parents suffered HIV/AIDS and passed away about six years ago. After their deaths, Bebeto and his siblings faced not only grief and loss, but many other difficulties. They often lacked food, and could not attend school because they had no way to pay the school fees. They lacked basic needs like adequate clothing, and had no emotional support.

In 2017, Bebeto and his siblings were living with their elderly grandmother who loved them dearly but could not work and was unable to supply their needs. Thanks to the Lahash Sponsorship Program, the children received a lot of support and their situation improved a great deal. The children now live with a cousin who works as a bank teller. They have enough to eat and a more secure place to live. The Sponsorship Program helps with their school needs and also offers emotional support and spiritual discipleship.

As the program staff of Rebuilding Rwanda, we lead by example in giving thanks to God at all times, and we encourage children to learn about prayer bit by bit in small steps. The Bible encourages, “Continue in prayer, and watch in the same time with thanksgiving.” (Colossians 4:2) As theologian John Knox exhorted, “Prayer is an earnest and familiar talking with God.” It is for these reasons that we teach children in our Sponsorship Program about prayer.

I recently spoke with Bebeto about the impact of prayer in his life and I was very happy to see how he puts to practice the Bible lessons he is taught every Saturday at the Program Day gatherings. Bebeto sets apart some time on a daily basis at home to read his Bible and to pray for God’s provision for his family. He believes that it is God’s hands that lead him and help him overcome challenges that he faces in life. He sees that through prayer, his life and the lives of his siblings have changed for the better. He trusts that God is the provider of their needs and that through faith in God and prayer he is destined to see God’s goodness in the future.

All of us at Rebuilding Rwanda are always impressed by the dynamism of Bebetos’s character and his abilities. He is smart, organized, playful, and listens well. He is a brilliant Bible student and is very authentic in prayer. We are so proud of him and it is a joy to have him in Rebuilding Rwanda’s Sponsorship Program. Seeing where he is now, we are excited to watch his journey of faith going forward in the years to come!

Many of Bebeto’s friends are still waiting to be sponsored. Sponsor a child today at Rebuilding Rwanda to help even more kids experience the love of Jesus and receive the care they need to thrive!