One God. One Body. One Mission.

As part of our 2019 Annual Report, Lahash’s Executive Director Dan Holcomb looks back on the past year and also forward to the future of our ministry together.

Last July I sat at the back of a large room listening intently to a beautiful variety of men and women share stories and wisdom. We were gathered together for the Lahash Conference on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. As gazelle and zebra filled their stomachs with the grass growing just outside the main fence, the members who gathered inside the room were filled with new hope, inspiration, encouragement, and direction.

We hailed from eight different nations and each of us had grown up in vastly different circumstances. But we were united as one body and we were working toward one goal.

Together we love and care for 450 extremely vulnerable children in Jesus’ name.

It was God’s one sacrifice and deep love that compelled each of us to dedicate our lives to this one common mission. We had seen the orphans. We had seen the sick bodies. We had seen the oppression. We had seen the injustice. We had seen the spiritual darkness. We had seen the pain.

We Christians are designed to function as one body. With one Lord. One baptism. One faith. With one God who is over all and is in all. We are redeemed by our one God and are dedicated to sharing his one Gospel. All of us at the conference grew up speaking a variety of languages, but we gathered in Nairobi speaking one unified language of faith.

As I sat there in the room and listened to these gifted men and women share about their unique ministries—and about the unique children in those ministries—my heart was full. From Kenya to Uganda to Rwanda to Tanzania, children in the Sponsorship Program are growing in Christ, eating good meals, attending school, being discipled, receiving medical care, and many have graduated and become Godly leaders who are able to provide for their needs and the needs of the community!

As our team boldly steps into another year of ministry together, I invite you to join us and take your own bold step of radical obedience to Christ. God’s Kingdom is expanding. The light is rising. Hope is advancing.

What can you bring? Your voice. Your presence on our team. Your financial gifts. Your prayers.
Join us in another year of rewarding ministry!