Lahash Media Team Traveling to Tanzania!

The Lahash media team is headed to Tanzania this Fall to visit three of our partner ministries! Hundreds of Lahash sponsored kids live in Tanzania, so this team will spend time connecting with them and gathering stories of how their lives are being impacted at each ministry location. Every Lahash partner ministry is so unique, so check out the “Tour of Tanzania” below for a quick overview of each stop on the trip, what the team will be doing there, and how you can pray for us along the way!


The first stop is in the city of Arusha, near the slopes of the iconic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Tourists from all over the world travel here to experience some of Africa’s most beautiful scenery. Lahash’s newest partner, Albino Peacemakers, is based here. This ministry serves kids with albinism who struggle not only with the physical problems related to this genetic condition, but also with intense discrimination and abuse. Founded by Sister Martha (pictured above), a woman living with albinism herself, this inspiring ministry is having a powerful impact by restoring hope, increasing health, and providing access to education for this extremely vulnerable group of kids. Our media team is excited to interview Sister Martha and help tell her story. Lahash wants to raise awareness for these kids who survive on the outermost margins of Tanzanian society, and are now being enfolded with love and care by this life-changing ministry.

Prayers: Since this is our first stop, pray that God allows us to jump right in and connect quickly with the kids there, and also provides good opportunities to listen to Sister Martha and record her story.


Next the team will take an all-day bus ride west into an arid part of the country where tourists rarely visit. Our partners at Path Of Hope began their ministry as an extension of the local church because they saw such serious physical and spiritual poverty in this rural district of Tanzania. Families here regularly struggle with hunger, and the entire region is a stronghold of harmful traditional beliefs and spiritual darkness. Overall the church here is small, but the impact they are having in the local community is growing every day. Earlier this year they celebrated the baptisms of 22 kids in the Lahash Sponsorship Program! One of our travelers from Portland joined the team specifically so she can meet her family’s two sponsored kids at Path Of Hope. We’re excited to capture her story so we can highlight the difference sponsorship is making in the lives of the kids, and in the lives of the sponsors!

Prayers: This partnership serves kids spread out in a number of remote villages. Pray that we can visit kids at each location and collect stories about how God is working through these rural churches to meet both physical and spiritual needs.


The team will make its final stop in Dodoma, the capital city. Grace & Healing Ministry is one of the first partnerships formed by Lahash years ago, so relationships there have grown deep over time, even across such great distance. It’s always a joy to visit in person and be welcomed by the “Mothers of Love” who began this ministry by gathering together to pray for their community’s most vulnerable children and families. They pleaded with God for the resources to reach out and make a difference in their lives, and today they care for nearly 200 kids throughout the community, many of whom have been orphaned because of HIV or are infected with the disease themselves. The kids are still visited at home by the Mothers of Love, and the creativity and faithfulness they continue to show in caring for kids is always inspiring.

Prayers: We want to bring back as many kids’ stories as we can! Pray that God will lead us to the stories that he desires us to tell. And prayers for extra energy are always welcome near the end of such a busy trip!

There are three Portlanders on this Lahash Team who will be making this Tour of Tanzania, and each of them are raising funds for the trip costs. Also, Saggiah Wright, our Partnership Development Coordinator in East Africa will be joining the team there. Check out the team photos below, and click the links to support them financially!

Casey Schilperoort, Lahash Media Director (click here to donate to Casey’s trip costs)

Stacy Nelson, child sponsor (click here to donate to Stacy’s trip costs)

Jen Johnson, Lahash Writer/Editor (click here to donate to Jen’s trip costs)

Thank you all for supporting the mission and vision of Lahash as we care for vulnerable kids across East Africa, and thank you specifically for getting behind this team as they prepare to carry out that mission in person on their trip to Tanzania!