Creating “Spotlight Moments” at Christmas

It’s Christmas time! This is such a special season for our beautiful community of child sponsors.

Each year, sponsors receive a mailer with an update on their sponsored child, a small gift from him or her, and a special list of Christmas gifts they can choose from to extend Christmas love all the way around the world. Choosing gifts for their sponsored children is a highlight of the year for sponsors, and of course the kids would say the same about receiving them!

Once all the Christmas gift funds have come in, our partner ministries across East Africa hold huge celebrations for the children and their families to attend. When it’s time to distribute everything the sponsors have given, each child is called by name to come and get their gift. You can almost feel the little sparks of excitement as they step forward for their moment in the spotlight, eager to see what they have received. Some feel shy, some are all smiles, some can’t hide their tears. No matter what their reaction, each of them knows in that moment that they are loved.

Christmas is a season to celebrate God entering this world out of love for each and every one of us. All vulnerable children are familiar with feelings of being overlooked, forgotten, or passed over. Sponsorship shows them that they are seen, remembered, and special! Their spotlight moment is a symbol of how sponsorship transforms the lives of these kids.

So sponsors, as you select and send your gift this year, picture that child’s spotlight moment! Imagine their heart being filled by your love, and the love of God! Thank you for seeing this child as unique and special, and for sharing your love with them this Christmas.

And for everyone else in the Lahash global community, you are invited to choose gifts for kids who are not yet matched with a sponsor. We have an Online Gift Guide that you can choose from to help make sure all the kids receive a special gift this year, even if they don’t have a sponsor quite yet. Thank you for reminding a waiting child that they are loved and included this Christmas.

As Christmas becomes a major focus in all our lives over the coming weeks, let’s make sure all the Lahash kids get their moment in the spotlight!