New Video: Sekwat’s Story of Hope

We are thrilled to share this video tracing the hand of God on Sekwat Emmanuel’s life over the past two decades. Sekwat lost both of his parents at a young age and was brought to a Lahash partner ministry in Uganda in 2008. Over the past decade Sekwat received life-giving holistic Christian care from our East African partner ministry through sponsorship gifts provided by Lahash.

After graduating from secondary school (high school equivalent) Sekwat’s life came to a standstill as he found it difficult to find a job and support himself and his siblings. At that time Clark and Cathy Blakeman of Lahash International began to work on a mentorship and scholarship program to provide Sekwat with a path forward for spiritual growth, additional education, and skills for the next chapter of life.

In October of 2019, Sekwat graduated from University. To read more about Sekwat’s graduation, visit the blog post Celebrating Sekwat’s Graduation.

Our ministry is supported by hundreds of generous individuals, like you, who provide the resources for young people like Sekwat to encounter Christ, grow spiritually, and receive and education and training to be able to transition into adulthood and flourish as Godly servants and participants in their local communities.

Would you give a generous gift today to help our ministry provide these important services to the young people of East Africa and help spread the Good News of Jesus and boost the effectiveness of the local church in the years ahead?