Standing Together: A Letter From The Director


Thank you so much for standing together with our network of ministries over the past year! We are grateful and humbled for the opportunity to partner with you as we serve Jesus and minister to East Africa’s most vulnerable kids.

Jesus told his followers that “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” The communities where we minister in East Africa have been hit by a number of diseases, by violence, and by corruption in the past decades. Today our whole world faces a new trouble in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many face sickness, job loss, unrest, and some are even facing death. Christ’s promise for the kids we serve is the same for all his followers around the world. We can take heart because He has overcome the world.

But Jesus doesn’t call us to sit on the sidelines as the trouble rages. He came for the sick, and he came to seek and save the lost. He calls us to follow his lead in this good and hope-filled work.

So, in the midst of this trouble, the ministry boldly marches forward. We are caring for over 500 primary, secondary, and higher education students across four nations. Through the Sponsorship Program these kids receive food, clothing, education, mentorship, discipleship, and hope.

We stand together in this mission. We stand with these special kids. We stand with our African church partners. We stand with you.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and contributions to the work this past year. Stand together with us in the coming year for a new chapter of transformation, Good News, and hope in the lives of hundreds of kids across East Africa!

Thank You For Partnering With Us!
We sincerely thank you for your involvement with Lahash and are grateful to God for provision and sustaining grace. We remain committed to financial integrity, transparency, and the careful stewardship of each and every donation we receive. Click below to view our 2020 Annual Report, or visit our Financials Page for even more details.

Dan Holcomb