COVID-19 cases increasing across Africa

East Africa was largely spared the initial global outbreak of COVID-19 earlier this year. In March and April nations across the continent implemented a variety of tough measures which slowed and at times even stopped the spread of the coronavirus. Rwanda in particular has seen great success in their efforts.

But recently the disease has gained stubborn footholds across the region. Cases in Africa during the past 40 days have increased from 20,000 to 150,000. The momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

Our ministry partners across East Africa have had a variety of experiences as their communities battled COVD-19.

Medics care for a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital - photo by Jeff Angote

Medics care for a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital – photo by Jeff Angote

Local governments took early action to halt the spread and “flatten the curve” of cases. These actions accomplished their goals while at the same time causing many to lose jobs and many to lose sources for food. Currently there are a large number of people across the region being evicted from homes, facing hunger, and seeing rising food costs as supply chains are interrupted. Our ministry friends in Uganda were briefly arrested for trying to tend to their garden which is located a few kilometers away from their ministry headquarters. The garden ended drying up and they lost all of their crops.

Lahash serves some of the most vulnerable members of their communities and today many are in urgent need of assistance.

Our primary efforts have focused on food distribution. Our local grassroots partnerships are perfect hubs to efficiently and compassionately distribute these food items.

More and more we are seeing landlords looking for non-existent rent money, and some families are now facing evictions.

In the last 40 days the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in East Africa has increased five-fold. Many hospitals are beginning to become overwhelmed and there are reports of night-burials and lack of access to testing in some communities.

Coronavirus cases rose rapidly in May across East Africa.

It appears that the road to recovery from the coronavirus will be long and difficult.

Will you pray with us for East Africa?

  1. Pray that each nation will have wisdom in their local battle against COVID-19.
  2. Pray that there will be a quick end to the disease.
  3. Pray that Christians across the region will reach out with compassion and generosity to help their neighbors.
  4. Pray that God will provide for the many needs and will bring peace to so many who are anxious.
  5. Pray that the Good News of Jesus will bring comfort and hope during this hard time. Pray that many will trust Christ when all around is unsettled.


If you would like to donate to our relief efforts, you can donate online by using the link below:

The ERM-Rwanda team has been hard at work distributing food and other essentials to vulnerable families in the country.


Lahash East Africa staff join ministry partners Path of Hope in Tanzania in purchasing bulk grains and legumes to care for families impacted by the arrival of COVID-19.


Kenya Defense Forces fumigate Kibra Streets as they help in the fight against the Coronavirus. Photo by Jeff Angote


Lahash partner ministry staff instruct the kids at the Nipe Tumaini Children’s Home how to practice good hygiene in the battle against the Coronavirus.

Dan Holcomb