Thank you for standing together with us as we serve vulnerable kids in Jesus’ name!

Right now, we have a pressing opportunity to stand with our ministry partners as they face an urgent economic and medical crisis while battling the impact of the coronavirus.

Our ministry team is raising $30,000 in the next 30 days to help provide for these huge needs. We recently received a generous matching grant, which means starting on June 15 the next $10,000 in donations will be matched! These funds will be used for food, housing, hygiene, protective equipment, and medical assistance for the kids and families served by our local ministry partners.

After what seemed initially to be a low impact in Africa, COVID-19 has now gained startling momentum across the continent. The nations in the region implemented many measures to slow the spread. But in a period of only 40 days, cases increased from 20,000 to 150,000. There are no signs of slowing. Many are falling ill to the disease. Many are dying.

Along with the medical challenges, vulnerable families are also facing job losses, evictions, and rising food prices. Compounding the suffering brought on by the coronavirus, the region has also been hit with historic flooding and locust invasions. The children served by Lahash and our ministry partners are already extremely vulnerable, so they are hard-hit by this series of setbacks.

Please pray for the region right now. Many are suffering, hungry, homeless, and anxious about the future. Pray that God’s peace, healing, and provision will cover the land!

Will you stand together with us and give a generous gift to our Coronavirus Relief Fund?