Stand With Students: 2020 Update

As part of our holistic care model, Lahash and our partners desire each child to be educated to their highest ability. Together with your help, we are empowering them to support themselves, their families, and their communities with dignity and pride. Saggiah Wright oversees our Stand With Students Higher Education Program in East Africa, which provides a path for students who qualify for higher ed but lack the resources to make it on their own. Below you can read Saggiah’s recent update on the Stand With Students Program, and a message of thanks from a program scholar. May it encourage all of us as we journey with these kids toward hope-filled futures!

Dear Friends,

It would be an incomplete view to look at Stand With Students (SWS) simply as a higher education program. It is a platform where Lahash, together with you and partners in East Africa, are collaboratively transforming the lives of young adults. It engages creative, practical, and inspiring methods to prepare young adults for higher education. It connects prospective scholars with local Christian mentors who offer discipleship, advice, and relevant professional experiences. For the first six months, the students learn and apply Christian principles, improve in written and spoken English, and establish basic technology skills so they are fully prepared to enter higher ed learning environments. SWS is a launching point for young adults from the Lahash Sponsorship Program to make their contributions to the world, serving others as they serve God.

We currently serve 21 students in the Stand With Students program. Throughout the past year we saw them progress in their health, academics, and spiritual growth. Most of our students recorded exemplary performances in their exams and maintained top grade scores. Sekwat Emmanuel, one of our scholars from South Sudan, graduated with first class honors. Sekwat (pictured above) earned a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Logistics Management from Uganda Christian University.

When I visited our Tanzanian SWS scholars last year, I personally witnessed how they teach the younger kids the word of God, lead worship and choir activities, and are already giving back to their communities with a lot of passion. As we look to the future, we expect to grow the SWS program to cover more locations and more students. Currently, we are preparing to launch the program with our ministry partners in Kigali, Rwanda.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact East Africa and our students specifically. All schools were shut down across the region starting in March of 2020. With the absence of online study options, students lost time to cover their syllabuses. As these institutions begin to reopen in-person classes, we are communicating closely with students to monitor their situations and work together to stay safe, healthy, and academically successful.

On behalf of the SWS program, I want to extend special thanks to all our sponsors and donors. Your contributions and expressions of love to the young adults in East Africa are exemplary and unparalleled. The impact will be felt and replicated through generations. You are directly building the church of today and of tomorrow. May God richly bless you!

“I’m thankful to Stand With Students for guiding me and caring about my life up to now. Thank you so much! I have increased in knowledge, gained more experience, and grown spiritually through my education and the mentoring program. I’m thankful to God my exam results came back well, and I can continue on to pursue a full degree in Information & Communications Technology. I will study hard to ensure I attain my desired goals to become a technician in Computer Systems. I’m thankful to everyone at Lahash, and to all my teachers. Even when I am in hard situations they give me advice and the hope to continue forward. God bless all of you in all the days of your life!”

– Latifa Mpanda

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