Thank you for standing with us!

In the summer of 2020, as the kids and families served by Lahash were feeling the full impact of the coronavirus containment measures across East Africa, we invited the global Lahash community to Stand Together with them through donating to the Lahash Coronavirus Relief Fund. Thanks to God’s faithful provision and your generous donations we reached our goal of raising $30,000! Pandemic essentials like masks, gloves, sanitizing supplies, staple foods, and more have been distributed to people who would not have the means to access such resources on their own. The next installment of these relief funds is on the way to our ministry partners now, and these funds will help them shoulder the burden of caring for many children and families who have been made even more vulnerable as a result of this global health and economic crisis.

“Besides facing hunger, it has been hard for some of the families to provide other basic needs. So we are trying to allocate most of the budget to support the needs of the families. We are so much thankful for receiving the Coronavirus Relief funds. It is helping us so much to support the kids and their families with food, shelter, and other necessities.”

Donald Nyakyema – Path Of Hope in Tanzania

Our ministry partners are exceedingly grateful that none of the vulnerable families they serve have contracted the virus. As schools continue to reopen across the region, many of our partners have also started to host modified weekly gatherings in order to serve the sponsored kids as safely as possible. Increased hand-washing, smaller groups, open-air spaces, masks, and social distance are all part of the new normal. Our partners’ responses to the pandemic have been inspiring. However, keeping the spread of the virus at bay comes at a high cost. Our partners need ongoing support to keep addressing the specific and ever-changing needs of the kids and families they know so well and care about so deeply. Thank you for helping these heroes reach out and serve their communities at such a critical time!

Partner staff at ERM-Rwanda deliver needed food relief to families in the program.

The Lahash staff based in Kenya have also been on the front lines of assisting and encouraging our ministry partners and the kids they serve. Before the virus had taken hold in the region, they visited each partner location to assess their current needs and help make preparations to protect and provide for the most vulnerable. Now, each week they continue to check in remotely with every partner on the status of local needs and the care of children and families in the program.

“This has been one of the most difficult seasons for the kids and communities across the region of East Africa. We have seen most people unable to provide for their families. Lahash has provided emergency funds to cover food, medical care, house rent, and communication in case anything happens. Each of our local partners is working hard to reach out consistently to each child for updates and deliver food items to those who are really struggling. Normal operations at each partner location will resume slowly as the threat of Covid-19 is minimized. Whatever happens, we here at Lahash will keep working on the front lines advocating for the vulnerable children we serve and making sure that they are well taken care of during this pandemic. We thank God you have joined us in this work!”

– Edwin Angote, Lahash East Africa Director

As the pandemic continues, your prayers and support make a big difference in providing hope and resources to families in need. Thank you for Standing Together with us, our partners, and the kids in East Africa.
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