2021 MONTH OF PRAYER: Week 4

We are closing out this Month Of Prayer with grateful hearts. Thank you to all of you who joined our Global Prayer Gathering over Zoom on Saturday, and to all of you everywhere for how you’ve joined us in setting a strong foundation of prayer for 2021!

NOTE: This is the final blog post of our special month-long prayer series for 2021. To continue receiving monthly prayer emails with current requests and praises, make sure you sign up here to join our Prayer Email list. You can also view/print the 2021 Lahash Prayer Guide  at any time! You’ll find this week’s prayer items below.

Region: U.S.A.

The Portland Lahash staff has missed being able to gather in person and hold events (like in the old photo above), yet we praise God for helping us all in working from home, changing our office hours, and still maintaining a sense of team unity and cohesion. We are also thankful that Executive Director Dan Holcomb was able to take his scheduled sabbatical from June to October, although like everything else about 2020, it went quite differently than he planned!

Please pray for continued refreshment, peace, and wisdom for the U.S. team, and for a clear sense of God’s guidance as we make plans for the ministry in this next year and beyond. Pray also for God to expand our team by opening doors for new staff members to join us!

Request: Covid’s Impact on East Africa

Let’s thank God together for the recovery of Agnes (pictured on the right delivering food relief). She is a social worker with our ministry partners at ERM-Rwanda. Agnes contracted Covid-19 but has recovered well at home and is now able to return to work safely! So far, we have not seen major outbreaks of Covid in the vulnerable communities where Lahash is working, for which we are very thankful. At the same time, the measures that help contain the virus do negatively impact daily life for our kids and their parents/caregivers. The types of low-wage labor jobs that help sustain these families are nearly non-existent in the current economic crisis, so the risk of hunger and homelessness is great.  Please pray for:

  • The city of Kigali (in Rwanda) which is again under strict lockdown measures aimed to decrease the spread of the virus. All the Lahash kids and staff at ERM-Rwanda are directly affected by these measures.
  • Strength, creativity, health, and stamina for the staff at each of our partnerships as they run their ministries while continuously monitoring families and providing emergency relief as needed.
  • Health for the children and their families/caregivers. In addition to needing protection from Covid, we also have received word of several emergent health needs as well as ongoing chronic struggles, all of which are more challenging to address under current circumstances.
  • Economic recovery across East Africa, safe employment opportunities for the most impoverished segments of society, favorable farming conditions and abundant harvests.
  • Sharp minds and calm hearts for Lahash kids as they navigate returning to school, which looks different region by region across East Africa. Pray for all our precious students to thrive in their education!

We know that the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to have a huge impact on the children and families we serve throughout 2021. Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers over their lives as this compassionate global community continues the journey together step by step.

Reflection: Closing Prayer & Scripture

We thank you, God, for hearing every prayer we have lifted in your name this month. Thank you for your love and faithfulness, and for joining our hearts with yours on behalf of your children in East Africa. We trust with you with all that this year holds, and we know you will guide, protect, and comfort us along the way. We thank you for your infinite love and grace.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in all ways. The Lord be with all of you…. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you.” (II Thessalonians 3:16, 18)


Thank You for Praying With Us!

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