A warm welcome to Emily Helt

Lahash International is excited to welcome our newest team member, Emily Helt. She will be joining the Portland office as our new Sponsorship Admin Assistant.

“Emily joining the team is a big boost as our Sponsorship Program continues to grow,” Sponsorship Director Krista Harper shared. “Emily offers a diverse and rich perspective having served with other ministries around the world. I am excited to see how her presence and skills will impact the lives of the kids in our program.”

Over the years Emily’s been involved in service and ministry in a variety of nations in Central America, Africa, and Asia. She recently graduated with a Master of Art’s degree in Global Development and Justice (MAGDJ) from Multnomah University.

Krista Harper observed great qualities in Emily already through initial meetings. “It is clear that Emily has both a compassionate heart for kids as well as a particular attentiveness for the dynamics of cross-cultural work and the way care is offered.“

Emily is eager to get started with the work of serving local ministries caring for 500 vulnerable children across the region of East Africa.

“I think I’m most excited about getting to see these great partnerships that care for so many vulnerable children throughout East Africa,” she shared.

“As I’ve learned about Lahash I’ve been really impressed by the way that they enter into communities humbly and listen to local partners and work with them and recognize how to walk along side them.”

As Emily begins her critical role on the Sponsorship team this year, there are a number of ways to partner with her in her work at Lahash. She mentioned a desire for prayer.

“I could use a lot of prayer as I’m transitioning into this role as I figure out what it looks like for me to be a part of the Lahash team and how my gifts can be best used to serve the ministry.”

Emily will also be corresponding with a team of friends and family around the world who can encourage her, stand with her, and financially support her in the new role.

“If you want to give a financial gift to support me in this transition as well that is always appreciated! Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about what I’m doing and how things are going at Lahash.”

You can visit her donation page by visiting lahash.webconnex.com/helt

Emily can be reached by email at emilyh@lahash.org

Welcome Emily!

Students learning at a school outside of Kampala, Uganda.

Lahash sponsored children spend time in prayers at the partnership in Rwanda.