A Home filled with Hope

The kids were filled with wonder and laughter as they climbed up on their brand-new colorful playground. The Nipe Tumaini Children’s home just constructed a gorgeous new playground with assistance from Christmas gifts from Lahash sponsors this past year. We were present as the kids got to use it for the very first time!

Our Lahash team is visiting our ministry partners across East Africa right now, and our first stop was at the Kenyan Lahash partnership located at the floor of the nation’s Rift Valley.

Nipe Tumaini (Swahili for “Give me Hope”) is a stunning model of sustainability, Christian ministry, and intentional family-based care. The founders, Eunice and Benson Mungai, had a dream where the children’s home was able to provide healthy nutrition from a number of surrounding gardens and orchards. Today the home is able to provide year-round nutrition to the two dozen children and staff.

Nipe Tumaini has seen a large number of ups and down during the period of the pandemic. The home was on lockdown for a large portion of a year. Visitors were kept away. Then earlier this year Benson and his wife both contracted COVID-19. Thankfully they recovered and the transmission did not continue on to the rest of the team and children. But the Nipe Tumaini home is especially wary of the virus and its effects.

Despite the challenges, the home has continued to care for the kids, the team built a new school block, and they are just finishing up some new housing for teachers for the on-site school. The brand-new playground was completed the day we arrived. They are thankful and hopeful for the years ahead.

Our team delivered letters to the kids from Lahash sponsors, worked on an art project, held some meetings, and conducted interviews. Traveling and ministering during the pandemic is extra complicated – but talking with the kids and seeing their smiles made it all worthwhile.

God is doing some beautiful things in the lives of these precious boys and girls who are living on the floor of the Rift Valley. They are grateful to have a new life where they can laugh, dream, play, learn, worship, grow, and pray in this home filled with hope.