Giving A Helping Hand

There are times when we all need a hand.

As the pandemic impacted communities and families around the world, we rallied together to help our local and global neighbors through health issues, financial crisis, school disruptions, and even the loss of loved ones. I am so thankful to be part of a global community full of helping hands.

In June, I traveled with a team from Lahash that was able to visit nearly all of the kids and ministry partners we work with across East Africa. During each visit with families, children, ministry leaders, and program staff, we discovered the same two things: immense gratitude and urgent needs. All of our partners expressed deep appreciation for the generous giving and faithful prayers of the Lahash community over the past year! They personally saw the difference it made in the lives of kids and families as they put those resources directly into the hands of those who needed it most. Thank you for helping make that possible!

As I echo their message of thanks, I also want you to know about their current, critical needs. For families living in extreme poverty, the ongoing impact of the pandemic is that it depletes their ability to pay rent, buy food, and manage chronic health issues. Without continued relief and support for the basic daily needs of the kids we serve, it is clear these devastating effects could create long-term setbacks and cost additional lives.

Right now, our friends in East Africa need a helping hand. Our goal is to raise $25,000 that will allow our local ministry partners to continue providing urgent relief, ongoing care, and the tangible love of Christ. These funds will help provide for:

  • Hygiene and healthcare needs
  • Emergency food relief
  • Housing and rent assistance
  • Transport to visit and pray with families

Your generosity can bring hope, healing, and help to many friends in need. Please join us and give a helping hand today!

Daniel Holcomb
Executive Director of Lahash International